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Details are Universal: Zax Bypass

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DSC06639If you’ve ever ventured through the Seuss Landing path most closely following the water’s edge, you’ve likely found some peculiar details that tie heavily into the established stories of Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel. This richness and detail that fill this unique island is there as a result of the involvement of Dr. Seuss’ estate in the land’s development. Subtle details, such as the fact that there are no straight lines to be found within this land, exemplify the creative trains of thought followed when developing this unique realm.

One example of the above-and-beyond approach taken when designing Seuss Landing is the inclusion of the Zax Bypass. Described in the classic Seuss tale The Zax, it is claimed that in the fictional history of the world found in the story that two stubborn Zax come to a stalemate over their inability to change direction. The south-going Zax refuses to go any direction other than south, and the north-going Zax does not budge, either. As their standoff continues, the world moves on without the two Zax, building around and over them as they refused to move. This story detail is replicated in real life at Universal’s Islands of Adventure thanks to the construction of the High in the Sky Seuss Sky Trolley attraction being built overhead the Zax Bypass.

Seuss Landing, as a whole, is a shining example of how “Details are Universal” in Islands of Adventure, so make sure to wander around… Oh, the places you’ll go!


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  • You spelled “Seuss” wrong about a dozen times.


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