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Disney Cruise Line Changes Kids’ Club Ages

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Disney Cruise Line has updated the age ranges allowed in some of their onboard kids’ clubs.

Effective on sailings embarking on December 21, 2023 or later, the new age qualifications are:

  • Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab – ages 3 to 10
  • Edge – ages 11 to 14
  • Vibe – ages 14-17

Previously there was overlap between the Oceaneer and Edge spaces, with 11 and 12-year-olds being able to choose either space. Guests with 11 and 12-year-old children will no longer be required to complete the youth activities portion of online check-in. They will automatically be assigned to Edge as their activity space.

Also concurrent with the change is the addition of specially guided activities for three and four-year-old children.

Disney Cruise Line Oceaneer Club

Kids and adults of any age may visit and engage with the activities during Open House hours.

What are your thoughts about this update? Let us know in the comments.

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Erin Foster

Erin Foster is an original member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel (now PlanDisney), a regular contributor to TouringPlans.com, and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. She's been to WDW, DL, DL Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Aulani, DVC Vero Beach, and DVC Hilton Head. She's a Platinum DCL cruiser and veteran of 10 Adventures by Disney trips. Erin lives near New York City, where she can often be found indulging in her other obsession - Broadway theater.

7 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Changes Kids’ Club Ages

  • We just booked a Disney cruise for 10 people. I was very disappointed to find out, my granddaughter who will have just turned 12 can’t go with her younger cousins. It’s fine for the older girl but a12 year old should be able to choose. Some kids are not as mature as others and feel more comfortable in a younger environment.

  • I was really upset to find out about this change from the internet a month later (and when it was too late to change our plans) and not an email or letter directly from Disney. We booked this trip before our middle daughter’s 13th birthday because she is more in the has some special needs and does better with younger kids than teens right now. So I’m preparing for her to be unhappy watching her little brother and sister get to go to the oceaneers club/lab and her older sisters go together to Vibe. I don’t even blame her, she is best friends with her brother and they had made so many plans of what to do their second time in the club now that they’re older (10.5 and 12). Still hoping for the best next week!

  • We were looking forward to booking another cruise but may have to rethink it. I’m not ok with my 11 year old having free range to come and go from the club without me and would much rather have both kids in the same club. They both enjoyed the oceaneers club last cruise and would be seriously upset if/when they find out they can’t go again. That club was their favorite part… they can play video games at home. I’m not paying that much money for them to do it on a boat…. pass….

  • Frustrated. My daughter (11 for her last and next Disney Cruise) loved the activities in the club and lab MUCH better than Edge. She was in tears over the change. Its too late for me to get my money back so we are going to figure out what we can do with her for the next vacation.

  • Disappointed in the change. We were looking to book another cruise before my youngest turns 13 specifically because she wanted to try the kids club on the Wish. She was disappointed when I told her about the change.

  • If that’s their new policy, then so be it. My problem lies with the fact that I cruise in 2 weeks. I know I’m not alone, because many families travel over the holidays with friends, family and plan on their kids being together. I can’t cancel, can’t change dates. My son has been looking forward to the Star Wars and Marvel aspects of the OC and now his sole option is Edge. He can play video games at home. Changing a policy after a purchase has been made and non refundable is unfair and unnecessary. This is not a mechanical or weather issue. You could have given 3-6 months notice someone could prepare.

  • So my 8 year old will be on her own, and get 12 year old sister can’t go with her to the Oceaneer club? Are you kidding me!?!


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