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Disney Details on Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

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As a follow-up to the recent announcement about how Disney Resort hotels will have enhanced cleaning procedures upon reopening, we’re finally getting details on what that will entail.

Specifically, Disney will focus on 11 target areas:

  1. Door handles, pulls and knobs
  2. Light switches and controls
  3. Closet amenities (such as the in-room safe)
  4. Beverage area
  5. Bathroom fixtures and surfaces
  6. Bathroom amenities
  7. Thermostat and electric controls
  8. Bedding
  9. Electronic devices (including the germ magnet TV remote)
  10. Hard surfaces and flooring
  11. Cleaned and wrapped amenities

This enhanced cleaning will occur before you check in to your room. During your stay, you will get a light cleaning service (removal of trash/replenishment of towels).

Here’s an infographic from Disney showing their target area focus.

What are your thoughts on these new procedures? Let us know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Disney Details on Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

  • I know from having cleaned hotel rooms many years ago (for a high-end national chain, not for Disney) that the kinds of details they’re talking about here, like cleaning handles, light switches, thermostat, in-room safe, the remote, etc. typically just doesn’t happen. When I was cleaning rooms, we changed out all the linens/towels, emptied the garbage, cleaned all bathroom pieces and fixtures, cleaned any obvious things like spills, replenished supplies, cleaned mirrors and windows/glass doors, and vacuumed (and with plush carpet, we needed to make sure the vacuuming made a specific pattern on the carpet and if we had to walk on it for some reason, we had to do the vacuuming over again). We had a certain number of rooms assigned every day, and we had to hustle to get it done.

    Any time you’re going to be in a hotel, even now with these “enhanced cleaning” procedures, it makes sense to bring a travel-pack of Clorox wipes and wipe down these kinds of surfaces yourself when you first arrive in the room.

  • Right? I think we all assumed these procedures were already done. I think it is doing more harm than good to tell us they “enhanced” their cleaning procedures. They should have highlighted what they already do or stated that they didn’t have to enhance anything because it’s their normal policy to clean those areas. I’m taking Lysol everywhere from here on out!

  • So no beds made? We are staying for 10 days i hope they will change the sheets at least once.

  • I had exactly the same reaction as everyone else…you mean they weren’t already doing this?

  • This being considered enhanced and not just the most basic level of cleaning makes me never want to stay in a hotel again.
    Now wondering how far away from the park the nearest camp ground with trailer/camper hookups might be.

  • So happy to hear we still get to have a coffee maker! I remember reading that they may be taking those out and thought that was a serious downgrade. I truly enjoy my morning Joffrey’s when staying at a Disney resort.

  • I assumed all “the procedures” were done each time pre Covid

  • I agree! Some of the “enhanced cleanings” that have been happening where I live are things I assumed were already cleaned regularly. It will be interesting to see if better cleaning practices will be here for the long run. And even on an individual level, hopefully people will continue washing their hands regularly

  • Honestly, it seems like they should have been doing this all along. We all know the TV remote is filthy. Why are we just now making a point of cleaning it?

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