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Disney Dish with Jim Hill Podcast Released Today

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The wait is over! The latest episode that brings together the best partnership in theme parks since Mickey Bars and churros – Jim Hill and Len Testa – is back today with a new episode on Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Get it while it’s hot on iTunes or RSS.

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Laurel Stewart

Laurel is a former software engineer and current student. She likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and Big Thunder Mountain.

14 thoughts on “Disney Dish with Jim Hill Podcast Released Today

  • I’ve noticed that some programs don’t like the ‘feed://’ header for the URL. Try without that and see what happens.
    By the way, I’m also enjoying these podcasts a lot.

  • Awesome. These are the best. Please do more. Universal would be great. Sea World too.

  • This is what I get on my Android device when I click on the RSS link:

    Web page not available

    The Web page at feed:// might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Check to make sure your device has a signal and data connection Reload this web page later. View a cached copy of the web page from Google

  • Fantastic follow up guys!!! I am the “go to” guy at work with regards to WDW vacations and anytime there is a Disney noob going, I lend out my Unofficial that I update every year, suggest a subscription to, and now these podcast MP3s.

    More, more, more podcasts! The public demands them!

  • HOO-RAY! I love this podcast series… I hope they don’t end! Jim & Len… KEEP IT UP!

  • I could not download the last 2 from the rss feed for non I tunes User. Does anyone know if that is still a issue? Love the show but don’t have apple products.

  • Excellent…I only recently discovered the series, and I was gutted it was only 4 episodes over several months….WDWTODAY set the expectations so high.

  • Hmmm…the RSS link does not appear to be working? Some of avoid iTunes at all cost.

    • Ok, that should read “some of US avoid…” Stupid typos!

      • agreed!

    • I asked around and 3 out of 3 TouringPlans employees have tried the RSS feed without any issues. Are you getting a 404 or some other problem on it?

      • It was downloading only 1.25 of the podcast then it would end. It did it for the previous two epsodies. i am useign a MS zune program.

      • Odd, it appears to be working fine now! The other night the feed address was coming up as invalid when adding the podcast manually. Also, clicking on the link above just gave me an empty page, whereas now it prompts my feed aggregator to add it. Either way, it is looking good. I appreciate the efforts!

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