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Disney’s PLANES Invade Soarin’ Over California Preshow in Disney California Adventure

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Some people saw the recent Disney Pictures’ release PLANES as a cynical cash grab that merely made margins modifications to Pixar’s charming CARS franchise…and some other people enjoy Dane Cook. Whichever camp you fall in, you must admit it was inevitable that the anthropomorphized aircraft would eventually arrive in at least one of Mickey’s theme parks.

It looks like at least one PLANES tie-in came in for a landing recently in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort, though thankfully in a relatively subtle way.

As you can see in the following video (courtesy of DisneyGeek.com) characters from PLANES have been digitally inserted into the preshow video guests watch prior to receiving safety instructions for Soarin’ Over California.

This insertion probably could have been a lot more intrusive than it is — at least the characters aren’t buzzing by you during the ride itself. Then again, Soarin’s film is rumored for replacement in the next few years, and I wouldn’t want to give Imagineering any bad ideas…

As an added DCA-related bonus feature, check out this recently released video previewing some of the new elements being added to the “Winter Dreams” edition of World of Color that debuts this holiday season. Remember, you have until this Friday (9/20) to email or postmark your family’s holiday card creations if you want them considered for inclusion in the new show.


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