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EPCOT is THE Park For Live Entertainment Right Now – Here’s a Quick Guide

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There’s something so special about live entertainment. There’s an element of human connection that you just can’t get from any other form of entertainment. EPCOT has the most live entertainment of the four Walt Disney World theme parks right now. We thought it would be handy to put together a quick guide on the live entertainment at EPCOT and the COVID-19 precautions in place.

These are the current live entertainment acts at EPCOT, which include special Festival of the Arts performances. Most of these performances will most likely continue in some form or fashion as the level of entertainment has been kept relatively the same since the July 2020 reopening regardless of any festival.

  • Mariachi Cobre at American Gardens Theater
  • Voices of Liberty at American Gardens Theater
  • Jammin’ Chefs at Canada Pavilion
  • Art Defying Gravity at World Showplace
  • Pianist at World Showplace
American Gardens Theater Entrance
Art Defying Gravity at World Showplace
Mariachi Cobre at American Gardens Theater – January 2021

EPCOT Entertainment Schedule

All performances are located in World Showcase. Being able to find the scheduled times of all of these performers takes a tiny bit of work. The schedule for Mariachi Cobre, Voices of Liberty, and the Jammin’ Chefs / JAMmitors is found on DisneyWorld.com as well as on our EPCOT Showtimes page on our site.

The MyDisneyExperience app does not have all the entertainment listings right now under the “Today’s Showtimes” menu. But during the Festival of the Arts you can find the showtimes for all of the EPCOT Entertainment under the Festival of the Arts’ listing on the app. You’ll need to go to the homepage and scroll down. You’ll see a brightly colored listing for the festival. Click “Learn More” and then the “Performing Arts” menu. Here the acts will be listed, then you can click on each act for their performance times. The pianist at World Showplace is not listed anywhere from what I could tell, but seems to be a filler act for in between performances of Art Defying Gravity.

Art Defying Gravity at World Showplace
Art Defying Gravity at World Showplace

EPCOT Entertainment COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Each venue, including the American Gardens Theater, World Showplace, and the stage at the Canada Pavilion, have social distance markings. The audience can view the performance by standing on one of the available markings. At the American Gardens Theater there are designated seats on the bench rows. Guests cannot watch the performance unless they are seated in one of the available areas. The performers are at least six feet away from the audience.

Jammin’ Chefs at Canada Pavilion
Voices of Liberty at American Gardens Theater – January 2021

The American Gardens Theater and the stage at the Canada Pavilion are outside. This is my personal preference. The World Showplace pavilion is host to multiple Kitchen Studios with the performances near the center of the building. If you are comfortable eating indoors it is a lovely experience to eat and drink while gazing at the Art Defying Gravity performances. Or, you can simply watch the performance without any food and drink.

Not too long ago my husband, son, and I watched the Jammin’ Chefs at the Canada Pavilion and it felt so good. Live entertainment is something we enjoy as a family and this was the first live entertainment we’d watched together in many, many months. We arrived to the stage about 15 minutes before the scheduled performance and were able to find a mark at the front. It was not crowded, and we felt comfortable. But those that arrived right at showtime and after had only a few spots left from which to choose and soon all the spots were taken. For those guests that arrived after the spots were all full they were not able to stand around; they were asked to keep moving along the promenade.

Jammin’ Chefs Viewing Area at Canada Pavilion

Are you a fan of live entertainment at Walt Disney World? Have you watched any performances since the reopening?

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