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First Look at the New California Grill

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort‘s signature restaurant California Grill is preparing to reopen next week, on September 9, 2013, after a lengthy refurbishment. This week we got a sneak peek at the gorgeous, Mary Blair inspired restaurant. From the carpets and upholstery to the artwork and personal photographs, the restaurant is a wonderful tribute to the iconic Disney artist. With floor to ceiling, energy efficient windows and three observation decks (including one on the south side for the first time), the views are absolutely stunning. There are also three private dining rooms: Sonoma, Napa, and Monterrey. The bar will still serve the full menu with no reservations required.

We will have more information on the new California Grill once it opens next week. For now, photos of the remodeled venue are below:

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9 thoughts on “First Look at the New California Grill

  • Glad to see that the new menu kept some of the old favorites like the rock shrimp salad.

    Some of the entrees, however, seem to have some weird flavor combinations. Like the filet paired with tomato risotto. Hopefully, this is just a seasonal thing.

  • Looks great, but don’t like the fact that the bar will serve the full menu with no required reservations. They will continue to end up with a zoo of tourists hanging around the bar that didn’t have reservations, while the guests that actually would like just a drink or appetizer won’t be able to sit. IMO that became one of the biggest drawbacks with Cali Grill over the last several years, and consequently caused it’s status as one of the finer restaurants to deteriorate. I was excited about the renovations, mainly because I thought it would eliminate the zoo-like atmosphere…but alas, it seems like it may return. I shall find out in November.

    • Ha, tourists! That cracked me up. As opposed to the permanent residents of the Contemporary?

      • As opposed to people that know how to act properly in a fine restaurant. It was used in the derogatory definition of tourist, as in those lacking style or class. Thanks for focusing on the point.

      • It also cracks me up that folks get snobby about restaurants inside Walt Disney World. Seriously? If you don’t want to dine surrounded by “tourists,” you might want to try somewhere outside one of the world’s largest tourist destination.

  • I can’t wait!! I have reservations there in February during Wishes!!! Getting the kids a babysitter so my husband and I can enjoy a night out just the two of us!!! Can’t wait to hear more!


  • Looks very nice.WE have ADR’s for the 25th of Oct… My husbands and I’s 10th wedding anniversary.. this will only be our second time eating there.. can not Wait..

  • Looks beautiful! DH and I have an ADR there on our final night for our Oct. trip. Our first time at CG. Looking forward to seeing it in person!


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