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Best Eats: Sweet Treats of the Magic Kingdom

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Everyone knows there’s a sea of options if you’re looking for desserts in the Magic Kingdom, but do you know what can you get there and in no other park? If you’re looking for something special you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re listing out the top treats exclusive to the Magic Kingdom.

BnB Dessert5. Be Our Guest Cupcakes

Be Our Guest is the hottest new dining spot in the Magic Kingdom. While it can be tough to get into the dining room for dinner anyone can pop into line for a counter service lunch. Included in the menu are some amazing desserts! Our personal favorite is the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake pictured here. Admittedly, cupcakes are easy to find throughout the world but this one is pretty awesome and when combined with dining inside Beast’s castle it made the list. Also, during the hotter summer months cast members have started handing out umbrellas and ice water to guests waiting in line to enter the castle. This makes getting inside much more bearable than when this new restaurant first opened.

54. LeFou’s Brew

While this frosty beverage might taste familiar to fans of Cars Land in California Adventure, LeFou’s Brew is exclusively available at Gaston’s Tavern on the east coast. Much famed as Disney’s answer to Butterbeer it tastes like frozen apple juice with a tart foam on top. In our experience this is something to share as it’s very, very sweet. You also have the option of adding an exclusive souvenir cup. However, it is worth noting that the characters on the cup are just stickers. We were pretty disappointed when we saw this and didn’t feel it was worth the price. That considered LeFou Brew is a can’t miss when purchased in the disposable cup!

IMG_30493. Cheshire Cupcakes

These just debuted in August of 2013 but are already a hit! Have you ever been eating a cupcake and been struck that they’re messy and could use more icing? These handy treats take care of both! Located at Cheshire Cafe they are served in cups with layers of icing and cake. They are currently served in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Though we like them both the vanilla is to die for and the hands down favorite! The sugar disk on top is literally the icing in the cake!

Dole Whip2. Dole Whip

I know bringing Dole Whips in at #2 may be a very unpopular choice but in the tie breaker I considered that Dole Whips are available next door at the Polynesian making them a little less exclusive. That doesn’t make them any less delicious, though. Available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland these are an absolute can’t miss during your trip! Make sure you try them on your first day so you can go back and get another (or two… or five)! This sweet, perfect, pineapple soft serve is a little bit of magic in a cup!

CItrus Swirl1. Citrus Swirl

Also available in Adventureland the Citrus Swirl has a much deserved cult following. You can find these tucked back at the Sunshine Tree Terrace by the Tiki Room. A citrus swirl combines vanilla soft serve with super tart orange slush for a very unique flavor not found anywhere else at Disney. While the orange slush can be a bit overpowering after your first couple bites you will fall in love.

So did we include your favorite dessert here or did we miss one? Would you like to see more from other parks or maybe different catagories for the Magic Kingdom? Please let us know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Best Eats: Sweet Treats of the Magic Kingdom

  • your link to the Cheshire Cafe is missing the colon in the http:// so the link doesn’t work. I’m looking forward to trying #5 on your list one week from today and I already love #2 on your list!

    • Daisy Lauren

      Thanks for letting us know. And be sure to let us know that you think of #5!! 🙂

      • Sharon

        The link still isn’t working

  • Leslie

    The fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow is a must do for me.

    • Daisy Lauren

      Me too! I just normally call it lunch! LOL!

  • Kelly

    These look great! Are there equivalents in Disneyland or other favorites?

    • Daisy Lauren

      Hi Kelly! Wow I’m late to reply – sorry about that!! DL also has Dole Whips but be sure to try the mint juleps, beignets, and fresh caramel popcorn. I’m sure there are a lot more but sadly not being a local I only know what I find on my trips. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  • Never tried the citrus swirl, but I just might have to now.

    • Daisy Lauren

      Be sure to let us know what you think!! 😀


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