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Foto Face-off Friday – World Showcase v. Future World

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Happy holiday weekend and welcome to Foto Face-off Friday, a weekly blog that will feature photographs from our TouringPlans Flickr Group that are an extension of the Disney Debates we’ve held on our Twitter Account, @TouringPlans, in an attempt to help resolve some of Walt Disney World’s “biggest controversies.” Since pictures speak louder than words we’ve decided to seek definitive resolution photographically for the especially hotly contested Disney Debates!

First up is Future World v. World Showcase. Our followers on Twitter sparred over the supremacy of each side of Epcot, but at the end of the day, it still was unclear as to which side reigned superior. Thus, it was abundantly clear that Future World v. World Showcase must be the first subject of Foto Face-off Friday.

Along with their photo entries, we asked for an explanation as to why each poster preferred their respective choice. Their reasons may pertain to photography, general enjoyment of the choice, or both. Their personal thoughts are provided below their photo-entry. To view more of their photography click on their respective submission, which will direct you to their Flickr photostream.

Posted by Matt Pasant:
Illuminations - Insanity!
Matt Pasant had this to say: I can not think of a “land” in Disney World that offers as many diverse photographic possibilities. Dark rides, unique cultural show buildings in the countries, prime firework locations, and endless abstract opportunities.

Posted by Photogineer (Doug):
The Sands of Time
Photogineer (Dough) had this to say: All right. In my opinion World showcase has much more opportunities to shoot great photos. A walk around WS at night (or daytime) is a nice relaxing end to a perfect day. With no one else usually there it is a great chance to grab some awesome lighted shots. EPCOT in general is a great park to shoot but WC offers around 70% of my shots in EPCOT. The countries are so rich in detail there is always something to find.

Posted by Doug Maffett:
Temple of Heaven
Doug Maffett had this to say: Nothing like World Showcase. So much diversity. Everywhere you turn there are new shapes, colors, architecture. World Showcase makes you stretch your mind. Every different country is a different challenge, resulting in a plethora of textures and contrasts to work play with.

Posted by twillett (Lorem Ipsum):
Italy - World Showcase, Epcot
twillett (Lorem Ipsum) had this to say: I love World Showcase because I love feeling like I’ve been transported to another place. It will be a few years before I can visit a country like Italy or France, but I feel like I get a little piece of it every time I visit Epcot. My girls love it too…they love getting their passports stamped and visiting the Kidcot stations. And from a photography standpoint, there is no comparison between WS and FW for the opportunities. I’m inspired by the architecture and to me, there’s no better place for getting pictures with the princesses.

Posted by Scott Smith (SRisonS):
La ville de l'amour (The City of Love) .... Disney Style
Scott Smith (SRisonS) had this to say: I definitely have to give it up to World Showcase. It’s so great to locally travel the world. Experience different cultures. Taste different foods. See the sights that most people only dream of seeing…. even if they’re just Disney versions. 😉 And then there’s the Food & Wine fest….. OH The Food And Wine Fest!!!!!!

Posted by Todd H:
Spaceship Earth
Todd H had this to say: From attraction powerhouses like Soarin’, Test Track, Mission Space, and Spaceship Earth, to the technological displays in Innoventions East and West, Epcot’s Future World is the embodiment of Disney Imagineering. As awe-inspiring as the park is in the daytime, it really comes alive at night with its vibrant neons, fiber optic walkways, and futuristic facades, not to mention the awesome Fountain of Nations light/water show. Future World in Epcot… don’t miss it at night and don’t forget your tripod!

Posted by PeterPanFan:
WDW Dec 2009 - Journey Into Imagination
PeterPanFan had this to say: Future World… the original Journey Into Imagination started my love of EPCOT and all the original rides were just so different and exciting. While many of them are no longer around I still love Future World and everything in it. Photographically Future World provides many unique examples of architecture and other visually interesting opportunities. Plus… it has the monorail running through it and having a monorail in the picture just makes any picture 10x better

Posted by Pigletfan:
Living With the Land boat ride
Pigletfan had this to say: I love Future World! The Living with the Land attraction is one of my must do’s on every trip to The Land. I like to take photos there because it is always changing.

Finally, my personal entry:
EPICOT:  Legacy
World Showcase or Future World? That is like asking which of your children you prefer. Perhaps two of the most unique “lands” Disney has ever created, both contain some of the most entertaining attractions and feature immersive theming that transports you away from reality. From a wholly objective standpoint, I sincerely don’t believe you can compare the two, nor do I believe that one is superior to the other. From a personal and subjective standpoint, I must give the nod to Future World. Part of this is based on nostalgia, as the Future World of yore, complete with Figment, Kitchen Kaberat, and Body Wars, is where some of my fondest memories of Walt Disney World were formed as a youngster. Heck, World Showcase might as well not even have existed back then, as I was always enamored with whatever Figment trinket I used my “Disney Savings” to purchase, bouncing my newly earned Spaceman Figment PVC toy, or whatever souvenir I elected to purchase, off rails as he piloted his way through the various “Worlds”.

Despite some of, what I view as, the reduction in quality of Future World since then, it still wins out for me. I view Nemo as breathing new life into the Living Seas pavilion, Soarin’ bolstering an already solid Land pavilion, new sponsors bringing fresh and interesting concepts to Innoventions, and SpaceShip Earth as one of the incontestable Disney classics. In addition to the substance, there is the assault on the senses that occurs as you enter the main gates at night and walk towards the Fountain of Nations; between the wonderful Entrance and Innoventions background music, and the lively neon lighting, the atmosphere cannot be beat.  In light of all of these considerations, Future World is my pick.

Thanks to all those who submitted photos to the Flickr discussion in helping attempt to settle this Face-off; based on these entries, it looks like the debate will rage on, as very compelling arguments are made for both World Showcase and Future World being the superior portion of Epcot!

Next week’s Disney Debate subject of the Foto Face-off Friday will be Frontierland v. Tomorrowland. Which do you prefer? Do Frontierland’s mountains and rustic charm give it the edge or do the colorful neon and retro-futurism of Tomorrowland give it the edge? Please, help us settle the debate on Twitter by voicing your thoughts to @TouringPlans and entering your submissions in the TouringPlans Flickr Group discussion entitled “TouringPlans’ Foto Face-off Friday Blog – Frontierland v. Tomorrowland”!

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7 thoughts on “Foto Face-off Friday – World Showcase v. Future World

  • Good lord, these photos make the ones I take look like something from the Flintstones. I’m ashamed to even call what I have on my camera “photos”.

  • These are just amazing! It makes me think I need to stop and smell the roses more at WDW. The moments captured here are so classic Disney. Really impressed with all of them. Thanks!

  • I agree with Ryan – can’t pick just one…both are fantastic!

    Love the pictures, too. It always amazes me the talent some folks have at that.

  • Future World or World Showcase? Can I say both? 🙂


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