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Harmonious Barges Now Moved into World Showcase Lagoon

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Although EPCOT currently remains without a nighttime spectacular due to COVID, work continues to plan for the debut of the new nighttime show Harmonious. Recently, it was announced that this show will be unique in that the massive barges for the show will also be stationed out in World Showcase lagoon during the day for fountain effects. This week, those barges started to move to their locations in World Showcase lagoon, and signage was added to start the massive hype for this show.



Will we see daytime testing of the fountains during the time when we are still on a nighttime show hiatus? Here’s hoping! With the removal of Fountain of Nations in Future World, there’s a lot of desire to bring fountains back to EPCOT.

Are you excited about this upcoming show? What are your thoughts about having these large barges there during the day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Harmonious Barges Now Moved into World Showcase Lagoon

  • While I don’t really like the idea of the barges being permanently installed out there, it makes sense. Those techs would start towing the illuminations barges out by noon every day, so even though they were “temporary,” you still never really saw the lagoon without them. Might as well just leave them out there, instead of hauling back & forth every day & night.

  • @Patti: I *assume* that, during the show, the giant ring will slowly rotate to give everyone a view of its water sceen.

  • I hope they get those fountains working soon. They look like “Epcot’s magical garbage transport” just sitting there.

  • What I don’t understand is how whatever will be going on in the center barge will be visible from all angles. It has two flat sides. What am I missing?

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