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Free Pixie Dust for the Kiddos

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Last week we reported that much of the princess merchandise in the Magic Kingdom has moved from Castle Couture to Sir Mickeys. If you’re facing the castle with Prince Charming Regal Carousel directly behind you, Sir Mickey’s is on your left.

In addition to buying gowns at Sir Mickey’s, you can also pop in for a quick, and totally free, wish incantation and a big dousing of pixie dust. Girls and boys are both welcome.

Just ask any cast member inside Sir Mickey’s for Pixie Dust and you’ll be escorted to the register where they keep the pixie dust wand. The cast member will ask your child to close their eyes, make a wish, and the cast member will say, “With a little bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust, may all your wishes and dreams come true,” and then they will sprinkle your child with an enormous amount of glitter.

I’ve witnessed this process many times and I have never seen a cast member out of character while performing this brief but precious process. It’s a great way to add a lovely memory to your trip and it won’t cost you a thing.

Has your child been Pixie Dusted? Is this something you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments.

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Christina Harrison

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3 thoughts on “Free Pixie Dust for the Kiddos

  • Do you know if “pixie dust “ is still being given out in 2021 COVID times?

  • On one of our family trips my mom heard about this and wanted some pixie dust of her own. The CMs at Castle Couture obliged …and it was a great memory of our trip. A great free memory/experience for all ages!

    • What a sweet memory and lovely suggestion! A little magic, no matter our ages. Beautiful!


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