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Full MyMagic+ Rollout Expected For Annual Passholders Soon

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Good news, Annual Passholders!

The full MyMagic+ rollout, including receiving your MagicBands, as well as having the ability to make FastPass+ reservations ahead of time via the My Disney Experience app or website, is expected to take place by mid-March 2014.

Annual Passholders should soon be receiving information that they may customize and order their MagicBands via the My Disney Experience platform.

If you are a bit antsy to get the ball rolling on your order (like me) and you haven’t yet received an email letting you know it’s available to you, make sure to check in your My Disney Experience account. You see, when I logged in to my account, a message popped up that I could now create and order my MagicBand.

MagicBand Process for Annual Passholders

I quickly went through the prompts, and now my MagicBand is in the process of being made and shipped to me as I write!

Keep in mind that this is being rolled out in phases, so if you are a Passholder, you may not yet have the ability to order your band, at least at this exact moment. (For example, I had the ability to order my MagicBand, but my husband does not just yet.) Just know that it is coming and that you’ll be able to do so soon!

MagicBands should be delivered to Passholders who have customized and ordered them by the end of March.

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8 thoughts on “Full MyMagic+ Rollout Expected For Annual Passholders Soon

  • I was able to make FP+ reservations now, and I wasn’t when this article came out. A member of our 5 person travelling party got an email about being eligible for a magic band (as a passholder).

    And even though I could not make FP+ reservations several days ago when this article was written. Now I can.

    I was not given any notice by Disney. Thanks touringplans for keeping me up to date.

    I was able to make the FP+ reservations I wanted as most stuff for 1 week from now is still available.

    The only drawback: MK Fireworks FP+ viewing area reservations were not available.

    Personally, I don’t make FP+ for things that would require child swap, or for just a “ride” generally. I would use it for attractions that got you exclusively into an “area” that you otherwise can’t get into: Fantasmic, Parade viewing, Fireworks (Illuminations), and lastly certain shows like finding nemo, Indiana jones, or epic stunt show. These are things that without the FP+ you’re generally not going to be getting into those sections. (Whereas with rides, there’s usually a technique for avoiding a wait time, and then once avoided you’re still doing the same ride).

  • Thanks, Ashley! I got our APs linked to our MDE account. Don’t see the option to order Magic Bands yet, but hopefully will see that soon. Enjoy your WDW honeymoon!

  • Question: Our family just purchased APs online (through AAA) last week. We received our vouchers, but our APs are of course not activated yet and won’t be activated until we travel down to WDW in May. Is it possible to enter the voucher number online to link the APs to our My Disney Experience account (i.e., link the APs before they are activated) so that we can receive Magic Bands and make FP+ reservations for our May trip? If doing so is possible, would this impact the date upon which our APs go live (i.e., the date the clock starts running on the year)? Ideally, we’d want to be able to link the APs now to get Magic Bands, but not have the clock start running until we activate the APs in May. Thanks!

    • Ben,

      You should be all set to link them without the clock starting. My fiancé and I bought ours for our honeymoon in June. When I talked to a cast member they told me to link the reservation and it still would not be activated until we picked up our APs at the park. I was able to customize and order our magic bands (though we won’t get them for a month or two) and should be able to make reservations come April 9th. Hope this helps!!!

  • Rikki, did you already have a Magic Band assigned to your AP from recent trips? If so did getting a AP band change any of your old ones?

    • I did not have any MagicBands previously. I’ve been staying off-site recently, so this is my first time ever getting a MagicBand. I wish I had a definitive answer for you.

  • I was able to order my MagicBand last night. But I still can’t use the website or app to make FP+ reservations, even through my AP is tied to my account…

  • I received an email earlier this week telling me to make sure that I linked my tickets and that on March 7th, I would receive an email if I was eligible to do FP+ from home.

    However, I tried the next day, and I was able to make FP+ reservations for this Saturday & Sunday and for March 17th. I was also able to change times from my phone app.

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