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Getting to Know Universal: Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

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This week in Getting to Know Universal we are covering the ins and outs of the most popular restaurant in CityWalk: Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen (Toothsome, for short). Located next to Islands of Adventure, Toothsome replaced the evicted NBA City restaurant in fall 2016. Toothsome’s menu features Instagramable milkshakes and a menu the size of a phone book.

The Experience

Second-story seating area. Photograph copyright Univeral Orlando.

You cannot miss Toothsome while in CityWalk: just look for the massive smokestacks and twirling doohickies. Universal created a wildly unique food concept: take one part Cheesecake Factory menu, one part steampunk convention, one part chocolate factory emporium, mix in a blender, and serve it all in a souvenir glass with over-the-top garnish.

Inside the two-story restaurant are dark steel supports and enough decorative copper to wire a home. The interior feels more like a turn of the century shopping district than a cold factory. Large screens in the dining room simulate windows overlooking the chocolate factory, giving the restaurant vibrant energy and motion.

Penelopy and Jacques. Photograph copyright Universal Orlando

Per the Universal created story, Penelopy Toothsome and her robot companion Jacques created Toothsome as the world’s best chocolate emporium as an homage to her fellow adventurer parents. Penelopy and Jacques walk the restaurant frequently posing for photos and interacting with guests.

The Food & Drink

Milkshakes! Photograph copyright Universal Orlando

With a menu that rivals the length of War and Peace, Toothsome offers a wide collection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. As you would expect, many of the menu items highlight the chocolate theme. Some of these include chocolate bread, chocolate old-fashioned, coffee and chocolate chicken wings, and chocolate stout beer. Additionally Toothsome offers an all-day brunch menu featuring waffles, crepes, and french toast.

Oh, and they also have dozens of “normal” dishes too. The burgers and sandwiches are crowd favorites, the steaks receive great reviews, and the ‘totchos’ (nachos made with tater tots) have a devoted following. No matter the tastes or palate, everyone will find something they want on the Toothsome menu.

Of course, how could we not mention the over-the-top milkshakes and desserts? These milkshakes are iconic; they appear all over Instagram with their outrageous toppings and flavors. The Confetti is a standard birthday cake flavor but includes a full piece of birthday cake on top; the Cookie Jar is topped with mountains of whipped cream and Oreos. The milkshakes were such hits Toothsome had to make them take out only–you can order them downstairs.

The Opinion

If the lunch and dinner waits are anything to go by, Toothsome is a hit with guests. It is hard not to see why with a fun atmosphere, alluring exterior, and a menu that appeases even the pickiest eater. Despite that Toothsome embodies the motto “jack of all, master of none”; while all the food items are good, none are spectacular. Better steaks are found at Bigfire, more delicious burgers at Cowfish, and the pasta and pizzas at Vivo are some of the best in Orlando. Toothsome is a great option for families but foodies will find better food elsewhere.

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