Go With The Flow! Finding Nemo: The Musical To Return in 2022 With Updated Show

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It appears that we have not seen the last of Finding Nemo: The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The fan-favorite show will be returning in 2022. It won’t be exactly the same show though, as Disney has shared that it will be reimagined, but it will still be based on the same characters you know and love.

The updated version of the show is still in early stages of development, but it will still be a musical retelling of the underwater tale. There will be new story material, but favorite songs will still be a part of the show, like “In the Big Blue World” and “Go With the Flow.” Finding Nemo: The Musical is arguably the most elaborate live show in any Walt Disney World theme park. The previous version of the show incorporated dancing, special effects and on-stage human performers carrying colorful, larger-than-life puppets. One would expect those aspects of the show wouldn’t change much in this new version.

More details about this updated version of the show will be released soon.

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One thought on “Go With The Flow! Finding Nemo: The Musical To Return in 2022 With Updated Show

  • September 15, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    I suspect this “re-imagining” is a cost-cutting measure more than anything. I can’t see any other reason to retool such a highly successful show.


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