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Be Our Guest: Prices Up Across the Dinner Menu at the Magic Kingdom’s Newest Restaurant

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The Be Our Guest Entrance

One of the things we do best here at TouringPlans.com is help you get the best value for your vacation dollar by providing you with all kinds of data about Walt Disney World and helping you make sense of it. Recently, while doing accuracy checks on menus at Be Our Guest Restaurant, we noticed that the prices on various items at dinner had climbed, some significantly, since April.

Three appetizers, the popular (and excellent) Potato Leek Soup as well as the Garden Salad and Salad Trio, have seen increases of fifty cents per dish. In the entrees category, nearly every entree on the menu increased in price by at least fifty cents, with some like the Pan-Seared Salmon and Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops getting price hikes of a dollar per dish. Additionally, every beer that Be Our Guest offers increased in price by twenty-five cents per serving, with Chimay Blue going up seventy-five cents. The desserts have also gone up a dollar each, and while this change may have actually occurred before the others, it has been fairly recent as well.

While fifty cents here or there isn’t such a big deal, if you look at a meal we ate in February with a group of four, you can see a huge impact on what our meal cost would be now. Three of the four in our party had the Shrimp and Scallops, which adds $3.00 to the overall total. The other adult had the Salmon, adding $1.00 more. Three of the adults drank beer, adding another $2.25. Two bowls of Potato Leek Soup were eaten which would now cost $1.00 more than it did that night. Finally, all four of us got dessert (look, we’d just run 13 miles, okay?), which tacks on another $4.00 to the total we would pay if we had the same meal today. In all, the price of our meal for four adults has increased $11.25 in less than two months’ time. We could have added a kid to our party, had another round of dessert for a few of us, or tossed back a couple more drinks for that, especially given the increase in tip this requires at the end of the meal.

While these increases make sense in light of the Disney Dining Plan price increases, they may not make sense to your party’s budget. Be sure to check out the full Be Our Guest menu before you dine there, and be prepared rather than surprised.

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3 thoughts on “Be Our Guest: Prices Up Across the Dinner Menu at the Magic Kingdom’s Newest Restaurant

  • Tho this is a pretty radical price increase, but now that most of the food prices are ‘flexible’ at WDW, we are going into the second busiest time of the year, so I’m not surprised that the prices are going up, at least for now.

  • Are the lunch prices still the same?

  • Been there once, and although the atmosphere and the food was good, it’s not worth the effort or the money to do again for us.


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