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Hipstamatic Disneyland: Frontierland

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A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the wondrous photographic time machine that is the Hipstamatic iPhone app.

In this installment of my ongoing visual gallery, I want to go on a virtual voyage back to the 1970s, when Disneyland’s Frontierland looked…pretty much the same as it does today. As long as you ignore the late-model mountains at either end, modern Hipstaprints from the middle of Frontierland look like might as well have been taken forty years ago.


The clothes are the giveaway that these aren’t Polaroids out of my attic.

The Shooting Exposistion recently had its marquee refurbished, so this really is a historical photo now…

Does anyone remember if Disneyland did Day of the Dead decor back in the 70s?

This petrified tree was an anniversary gift from Walt to his wife. Legend says she was less then thrilled, and made him put it in his park instead of their home.

The rigging of the Sailing Ship Columbia is truly timeless.

One last look at the Mark Twain riverboat pulling into its dock.

Do you have favorite Hipstamatic pics, or genuine instamatic photos from past? Please pass them along to seth@touringplans.com and we may feature them on our blog!

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5 thoughts on “Hipstamatic Disneyland: Frontierland

  • Sorry you two aren’t as in love with Hipstamatic as some of us. For what it’s worth the pseudo-retro photography movement is increasingly popular, and using the iPhone is a lot cheaper than buying new instant film from the Impossible Project (now that genuine Polaroid is DOA). Luckily you don’t have to pay a penny to read this blog, so if you don’t enjoy one topic you can always skip to the next! 🙂

    • Seth, I hope I didn’t come across as insulting you. I appreciate this entire website and all who invest their own time to share their experiences. I am happy for you that you’ve found delight in this and that you shared it with us. I read it and gave it my best shot…I just didn’t see the same things. No harm, no foul. Follow your bliss, and thanks for sharing!

      • No, not at all! Not every type of blog post appeals to everyone, that’s why we put up a variety of material. We appreciate everyone’s feedback, and like I said, if you don’t like one article just stick around for a few minutes, something else will be along shortly! 🙂

  • The phrase “one-trick pony” comes to mind. After viewing the first one it just gave me a headache. I have albums full of photos that already look that bad; they’re in a box in a storage facility. I’d hesitate to pay good money for more blurry, overexposed photographs.

  • Sorry, I just don’t get the “charm”. If I wanted blurry, blown-out photos, I wouldn’t have a modern camera.


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