Introducing the TouringPlans Travel Agency

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I presume that you know many, or all, of the fantastic features available here at Up until now, however, we have not been able to actually help you plan or book any of your trips, but that changes today.  TouringPlans is a full-service travel agency staffed by experienced Destination Specialists that are available to help book trips to Disney, Universal, any cruise line, or wherever else you want to go. All of our Destination Specialists are full-time travel agents, and all have previous experience. To contact us now, visit our new TouringPlans Travel Agency web page. If you are are a current or prospective subscriber, you will automatically receive a free 1-year subscription or extension by booking any Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Orlando vacation. Other trips come with other gifts too!

Our goal is not to stop here, but to continue to evolve the travel agency using tools you will only find at TouringPlans, where we are Experts in Smart Travel. Very soon we will be revealing ways to help choose a Disney World hotel and a new way to check and adjust quoted prices. From there we will keep adding tools that will help guests understand their prospective vacations better and help our Destination Specialists do their job more efficiently so they have more time to focus on your needs.

Of course, in keeping with our site’s emphasis on providing you accurate and unbiased information, our goal is to provide you with a quality experience without merely rehashing corporate selling points. You’ll also see that we will be maintaining our professional relationships and support with other long-time travel agency partners and friends, including Small World Vacations, Storybook Destinations, Magical Vacations Travel, AAA Carolinas, Dreams Unlimited, and many others. The tools at will continue to help guests save time and money, regardless of where they book their travel.

The TouringPlans Travel Agency is now live. If you’re ready for a trip to Walt Disney World, dreaming of sailing the seas on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, fantasizing about an all-inclusive resort on a white sand beach, or wanting to travel to anywhere else, contact us now. We are extremely excited with our expansion and can’t wait until you see what’s to come.







Have any questions for our travel agents or TouringPlans? Let us know in the comments!

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