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TouringPlans’ Travel Agency Is Setting Off on a New Adventure in 2024

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Today we’re announcing the sale of TouringPlans’ travel agency to our travel agency director, Annette Jackson. The new travel agency will be an independent company called Touring and Cruises. The sale, which will be completed by December 31, 2023, will allow TouringPlans to concentrate on its core business of trip planning information and tools. We anticipate all of our travel agents to move with Annette to Touring and Cruises, and as you’ll see below if you’re a client you will automatically move with them.

Annette started our agency in 2020 and quickly built it to be an outsized powerhouse with sales levels similar to much larger agencies. Within just two years, the agency was recognized as a Disney Earmarked Gold Agency, a Universal Platinum U-Preferred Agency, and a Royal Caribbean High Flyer. We have two agents that are among the Top 100 Agents with Virgin Voyages, and we are also a Travel Leaders Network top 15 agency for growth in our region.

I’m beyond proud of the work Annette and our travel agents have done. I’m especially proud of the incredibly high satisfaction rates that clients have given to our agents, and I’m confident that will continue. Your continued satisfaction and trust is important to us. If you have questions that aren’t addressed below, reach out to your travel agent, or contact me or Annette using the Contact Us features of or

For TouringPlans Travel Agency Clients

If You Have An Existing Reservation

Your existing reservations and payments remain intact exactly as they are. This sale includes the transfer of the agency’s IATA number, the thing Disney and other travel suppliers use to track payments and trips.

Your existing travel agent remains the same, too. We’ll also automatically forward travel agent emails to the agents’ new email at the new agency. You can use the contact information you have with confidence that your agent will see it.

Your Travel Agent Remains the Same

In the next few weeks, your travel agent will be reaching out to you directly with their new information so that you can update your address book. And as we mentioned above, we’ll continue to forward emails that you might send to your agent’s email address.

New Bookings and Quote Requests

If you already have an agent, feel free to contact them directly. You can also place a quote request directly with Touring and Cruises from their new site. Until the sale is complete, new bookings and quote requests can still be placed at the current site.

TouringPlans Subscriptions and Tools

Many of you are TouringPlans subscribers or have received a free subscription through your association with the Travel Agency. We love having you, and your existing TouringPlans subscription will remain in effect for its entire duration.

Thank you, again, for trusting us to assist you with your travel planning.

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5 thoughts on “TouringPlans’ Travel Agency Is Setting Off on a New Adventure in 2024

  • Thinking of an Alaskan cruise with friends. One of our traveling partners is unable to walk any distance and uses an ECV. Are the ports handicap accessible? She cannot tender so would she be able to use ECV to “ roll “ off the ship? Thanks

  • Does Michele McKnight work here? I have done business with her before.

    • Yes, she is with Touring and Cruises at the new Agency. The link is in the article.

  • I put in a quote request before Thanksgiving, but never heard back from an agent. It sounds like that was right about the time for the changeover & it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Do you think you guys can still see that request, or should I put in another one? I did try the link above, but not active yet. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy, Yes please put in another one. I’m not sure what happened, but whatever it was, our sincere apologies.


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