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Kylo Ren to Meet Guests at the Star Wars Launch Bay

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©Rikki Niblett
©Rikki Niblett

Ever since the Star Wars Launch Bay was introduced at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it has become the place to go to experience the Star Wars universe. The props, costumes, film, and meet and greets have all be extremely popular, especially since The Force Awakens debuted in theaters. However, there has been a disturbance in the force, causing a bit of a shakeup, because a brand new character will soon be greeting guests in the Launch Bay.

Kylo Ren, the newest Star Wars villain will soon be taking up residence here. Guests will be able to meet him on the bridge of his First Order Star Destroyer.

The Star Wars Launch Bay has always been designed to showcase a variety of characters. So, with the addition of Kylo Ren into the Dark Side Gallery, we must say good bye to the opportunity to meet Darth Vader. Guests looking to encounter Darth Vader will still be able to see him in the Jedi Training: Trips of the Temple experience.

Guests will be able to meet Kylo Ren beginning in February.

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9 thoughts on “Kylo Ren to Meet Guests at the Star Wars Launch Bay

  • I am so upset that they are taking Darth Vader out of the meet and greets. Everyone has loved it. I don’t understand. Kylo Ran or whatever his name is can’t be as popular. I know the older and younger fans all love him and we’ve never been able to get a real meet and greet with him where he talks. We are going in Feb. and are so so disapointed in this move by Disney. I feel like they are shoving these new characters down our throats even though we aren’t asking for them. If there were two lines for Kylo and Darth I bet the Darth Vader line would have the longest wait. We won’t be visiting Kylo. I didn’t even like his character in the movie. To me he was a sad excuse for a villan. My least favorite character.

  • That is just ridiculous that they can’t have both Darth and Kylo Ren. With recent and coming closures and no more Star Wars Weekends….just ridiculous.

  • I really hope that Kylo Ren is allowed to occasionally throw a temper tantrum and destroy something with his lightsabre at a meet and greet! That’s the photo I want.

  • First, WHY does it *need* to be one or the other? Other than Disney being cheap?

    Second, is there any word as to whether Darth Vader will remain in the Visa M&G?

    • I have confirmed that Darth will also no longer be meeting guests at the Chase Meet and Greet. Guests will be meeting Kylo Ren there, as well.

  • How many people want to take their kids to get the autograph of the man who killed (You Know Who)? I just don’t see this being a popular character option. “Daddy, I want to meet that guy who murdered…” Just, yuck.

    • Umm, Darth Vader has been doing meet and greets for a while and he murdered and dismembered!

    • You really underestimate the power of villains. Did you see the crowds at DHS Villains’ Nights? Gaston was a creep who used blackmail and attempted murder. And he’s one of the most popular characters at MK.
      Everyone loves bad guys. We love to hate them. People are gonna meet Kylo, doesn’t matter who did what.

  • That’s a shame Darth has to go away, having more characters to meet in there would eat people up especially with so many things closing.

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