Let’s Look at the Disney Bus Terminals at Each Theme Park and Disney Springs

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One of the benefits of staying on Walt Disney World property is the transportation. While there are some fun options like monorails, boats, and the Disney Skyliner, the bulk of transportation is by bus. There are some pros and cons to Disney’s bus system. The theme park and Disney Springs bus terminals are somewhat centrally located, but at the end of a fun, but tiring Disney day having to remember to look for your resort’s bus stop can be a challenge.

Each theme park, as well as Disney Springs, has one bus terminal for Disney owned and operated hotels, and another for off-property and non-Disney owned hotels.

Transportation and Ticket Center – Off-Property Buses Directory
Transportation and Ticket Center – Off-Property Buses

To help you plan ahead, let’s look at the current Disney bus terminal set up. We’ll look at the current listing of bus lanes for the Disney resorts so you can get an idea of where your resort’s bus will pick you up at the end of the day. Just keep in mind, Disney can shuffle around the bus lanes so this current line up can change. It is also important to note that not all Disney resort hotels have reopened; this directory will change as more resorts reopen.

You’ll also see the other theme parks listed on each bus directory. Park to park transportation does not start until Park Hopping hours kick in, which currently is 2:00 p.m.

Magic Kingdom Bus Terminal

The Transportation and Ticket Center is home to the bus terminal for off-property and non-Disney owned hotels. However, it is sometimes used for Disney buses as well, such as when Disney runs a bus from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom front entrance.

At Magic Kingdom itself there is a bus terminal just a few steps from the park entrance and exit. This is a big benefit for staying at one of the Disney-owned hotels. It can save a decent amount of time, and energy, not having to deal with the TTC. The bus terminal is broken out into two wings with about half of the resorts on one side, and the other half on the other side. So be sure to pay close attention to the bus directory sign so you know your resort’s number and know which wing to head to.

Magic Kingdom Bus Terminal
Magic Kingdom Bus Terminal
Magic Kingdom Bus Terminal

At Magic Kingdom, the bus directory is in alphabetical order by resort name. Listings are subject to change, but the photos below should help give you an idea of the layout and set up.

Magic Kingdom Bus Directory
Magic Kingdom Bus Directory

EPCOT Bus Terminal

In my book, EPCOT has the least convenient bus terminal. It is quite a walk from the park exit. It is to the left after you exit the park. It is also structured as a square rather than a U-shape or with lanes and spokes. So there is a lot of walking involved with EPCOT’s buses. The off-property buses and the Disney owned resort buses are next to each other.

EPCOT Transportation Sign at Exit
EPCOT Bus Terminal
EPCOT Bus Terminal

The bus directory also seems to change a lot. And, the bus directory is listed in numerical order instead of by resort or park name. This does not make a whole lot of sense. If you’re tired and heading out for the day, which would be easier – searching by name, or by bus lane number?

EPCOT Bus Directory

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Bus Terminal

The bus terminal at Disney’s Hollywood Studios also involves a bit of walking. It is straight ahead as you exit the park, just past the Skyliner station. The bus lanes themselves are shorter so there are four brackets of bus lanes. Pay real close attention to the bus directory so you know which bracket to which to head.

Hollywood Studios Bus Terminal
Hollywood Studios Bus Terminal
Hollywood Studios Bus Terminal

Hollywood Studios has the newest bus terminal as it was shifted from one side of the parking lot to the other when the entire front entrance was reconfigured as the Disney Skyliner came into development.

Hollywood Studios Bus Directory

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Bus Terminal

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the simplest of the bus terminals. The on property buses are in a u-shape terminal. The Disney bus terminal is to the right after you exit and walk towards the parking lot. The off-property buses are over to the left after you exit and walk down the walkway near the parking lot.

Animal Kingdom Bus Directory
Animal Kingdom Bus Terminal
Animal Kingdom Bus Terminal

Disney Springs Bus Terminal

Over at Disney Springs the bus terminal for Disney-owned hotels is nearly in the exact center. It is near Town Center, close to Lime Garage. This is convenient in one sense that you are picked-up and dropped-off at the center of Disney Springs. But, it also means that no matter where you head, unless you stay in Town Center, you’ll have a bit of a walk to get back to the bus terminal. Off-property buses are relegated all the way at the end at Disney Spring West Side. It’s quite a walk.

Disney Springs Bus Directory

It’s strange that EPCOT and Animal Kingdom are numerical, but Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs bus directories are listed alphabetically. A little consistency would make for a smoother ride.

Have you used Disney’s bus system? What tips would you add regarding the bus directories and terminals?



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  • I will be staying at Coronado Springs Resort in Gran Destino Tower in February for my honeymoon.. This will be my very first time going to Disney EVER. (I know absolutely nothing about it experience wise but have done extensive research) We are only there for 7 days and doing 1 park per day, so I have to get the most out of my MK day. I am worried that the busses at Coronado Springs wont get me to the park for early entry if the busses run 45 minutes prior to opening that would mean I miss part of Early Entry would it not? would using Uber be easier or is February a “slow enough” time that I should be ok? – any and all advice is welcome!

  • Is there a rhyme or reason to the buses at the terminals? For example, are the deluxe villas and deluxe resort busses always within a shorter walking distance from the exit with the value resorts being the furthest out? We noticed this summer when we stayed at Caribbean Beach that it always seemed like the order was deluxe down to value… but I am wondering if that was my sore feet being a bit snappy.

    • Hey Sarah,

      I think that’s true in general, yes – Disney seems to organize the buses by resort cost.

      You mind if I quote you on this? It’s a great point.


      • Not at all! 🙂

  • Will you be updating this when other resorts open? Specifically Port Orleans, Riverside. Thank you so much for providing this information! It’s very helpful when deciding on a resort to stay in!

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