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Magic Kingdom Must Do: The Chapeau for Custom Embroidered Disney Hats

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Some things are just classic Walt Disney World experiences. A visit to Magic Kingdom, for example, is made even more magical with custom embroidered hats from The Chapeau. This charming hat shop has stood at the top of Main Street U.S.A. for decades as the place to head to for personalized mouse ears at Magic Kingdom.

Many families have a tradition of getting matching ear hats, each with individual names embroidered on them. There are two styles of embroidery available. The yellow stitching is truly a Disney classic and was the only style available for decades. This style is known as “basic” and is just $4.99 for a single proper name. It is also now available in three colors: gold, black, and dark pink.

The Chapeau Hat Shop at Magic Kingdom
The Chapeau Embroidery Pricing

The second style available is known as “premium” and has lots of choices. There are two lettering styles, and lots of colors, plus you can have two lines, up to 16 characters. The words can be more than just proper names, but subject to Disney guidelines – of course. The premium embroidery is $7.99.

The Chapeau Embroidery Color Examples
The Chapeau Embroidery Color Examples

Of course, you’ll need to select a hat as well. Any hat sold at The Chapeau can be embroidered as long as it is a fabric base, including baseball hats. If you’ve purchased a different hat somewhere else on Disney property it can be embroidered at The Chapeau, but does need to be in new, unworn condition and is subject to discretion from the Cast Member. There is a larger selection of hats available at Main Street Emporium.

The Chapeau Embroidery Examples
The Chapeau Embroidery Example
The Chapeau Mouse Ear and Hat Selection

The turn around time is usually pretty quick. As long as it is a typical, non-peak day the hat can done while you wait. Currently due to COVID-19 precautions, the entrance to The Chapeau is an exit only. You will need to enter Main Street Confectionary to access The Chapeau.

Have you ever gotten your mouse ears or hat embroidered at The Chapeau? What are some of your own personal Magic Kingdom must do’s?

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3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Must Do: The Chapeau for Custom Embroidered Disney Hats

  • Kindra

    Does The Chapeau sell ballcaps with Mickey ears? I saw the picture of the shelf with a lot of hats but didn’t see any ballcaps. Appreciate you letting me know…thanks!

    • Hi Kindra, I personally have not been inside The Chapeau lately, but our field team who captured the photos indicated there are some baseball caps. Additionally, you can bring a Disney hat purchased at Walt Disney World to the Chapeau and usually the Cast Member can embroider it for you. It’s a good idea to bring the receipt with you just in case.

  • Julie

    Is the “basic” style still freestyle embroidered like the old days or are all the embroidery options done via computerized machines now?

    Always loved to watch the cast members freestyle the lettering!

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