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Menu Monday: Whispering Canyon Café Breakfast Review

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Today we are visiting one of my favorite on property breakfast experiences:  Whispering Canyon Café.  I say experience because it is so much more than just a place to eat.  Whispering Canyon is a place to laugh and have a good time.  It is a character breakfast of sorts, but not with your traditional Disney characters and at no additional cost; No Princesses, Mickey, or other Fab Five member here.  The characters I am referring to are the wonderful Cast Member waiters and waitresses.  They bring the restaurant alive, and keep our family coming back for more.

What:  Whispering Canyon Café
Where:  located directly off the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge
When:  Breakfast is served every day 7:30-11:30am
“The goings-on can get a little loud, and that’s just the way we like it.”

To play or not to play.
To play or not to play.

Our last waitress, M.T., was a real hoot.  We had a blast with her sarcastic humor.  She knew how to work her “audiences” as well.  She could read the patrons at her table perfectly and acted accordingly.  The table to our left was a family with 3 children.  She joked with the children and even put one of them “in jail”.  The large table to our right was not in the mood for fun.  They had clearly just come to eat breakfast and not partake in any of the shenanigans.  M.T. reacted accordingly and they got your normal no-fun-all-business waitress.  They were perfectly content.  We have a darker sense of humor and she seemed to tune right in to it.  We were in stiches before our order was even taken.

We were sat along the railing overlooking the lobby.  As usual we each received a cardboard disc similar to a drink coaster.  One side of the disc reads “Jump in and Play”, while the other reads “Watch from the fence”.  We placed ours to “Jump in and Play” since that is partly what we came for.


The breakfast menu at Whispering Canyon consists of your typical American breakfast food:  pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage.  What they are most known for is the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Breakfast platter.  The meal costs $16.49 for adults (kids version is $8.49) and is served in a large cast iron skillet.  The skillet has scrambled eggs, western home fries, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, buttermilk biscuits, and sausage gravy.  And when you finish it, they bring you another!  For this trip we decided to both get the skillet.  It was very filling, but nothing extraordinary about it.  In the future we will probably go back to our favorite:  Jeffro Bodeen’s Belgian Waffle (Belgian waffle with maple butter and candied pecan topping with a side of bacon or sausage).

If you have ever been to Whispering Canyon you know all about the dangers of asking for ketchup.  When our food was served I was apprehensive.  My naked eggs were begging for the condiment, but I can be a real introvert and didn’t want all eyes in the restaurant on me.  When M.T. asked if either of us needed ketchup I quickly reached over and flipped my participation disc to “Watch from the Fence” and answered yes.  M.T. was not having any of my shenanigans.  She grabbed my disc and threw it Frisbee style into the lobby, called me snotty, and walked away.  She probably couldn’t have gotten away with that anywhere else.  And we thought it was great.  A minute later she came back with my ketchup.  We continued laughing throughout the rest of the meal as she picked on me.  It was one of the most entertaining breakfast experiences we have had at Disney.

For the price of the breakfast, the experience at Whispering Canyon is worth it.  We have never had a “dud” for a waiter or waitress, and if I could request M.T. again I would.  Reservations are suggested and can be made online or by calling 407-939-5277.  You will need a credit card to reserve.  If you end up at the Canyon for breakfast, tell M.T. we said hi!

Discounts Accepted

  • DVC                                                                       10%
  • Disney Visa                                                        10%
  • Tables in Wonderland, breakfast             10%


  • (Lunch is 10%, and dinner is 20%)


Disney Dining Plan                                                          1 table service credit

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4 thoughts on “Menu Monday: Whispering Canyon Café Breakfast Review

  • This is a great place to have a late breakfast, wander through the lobby and then take boat to the Contempory to do the Monarail Loop hotels . After checking out the holiday decorations we then head to magic kingdom at 4 for the party . A fun, relaxing mid week break.

  • I love MT as well! I believe her days off are Monday and Tuesday! She reads that we want all the fun we can get!

  • This used to be our go to breakfast spot and we remember none of this. Perhaps this is something they started in the last few years.

  • Wilderness Lodge is probably our #1 pick for breakfast on property! We did have the unfortunate experience of bringing my sister-in-law there recently, who did not enjoy the hi-jinks in any way. My husband thought this was absolutely hilarious, naturally, and I’m fairly certain our server thought she was just goading him on when she was, in fact, less than amused. 🙂 She still refers to it as “the traumatizing breakfast,” but I got some phenomenal pictures out of it!


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