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Mezzo Mix Alcoholic Slush is a Miss at EPCOT

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With the warm weather arriving in Central Florida we’ve been exploring some of the alcoholic slush drinks available at certain Walt Disney World locations. There’s Frozen Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s at Hollywood Studios, Frozen Coca-Cola and Spiced Rum at Animal Kingdom, and more. In the same spirit, you can sip on a frozen Mezzo Mix with Bärenjäger Honey Bourbon Liqueur.

Germany Pavilion Snack Stand Menu
Mezzo Mix Alcoholic Slush – Germany Pavilion

This boozy slush is unique when compared to other ones available throughout Walt Disney World. The Mezzo Mix is a version of Coca-Cola usually only found in Germany itself. It was also one of the specialty soft drinks you could sample at Club Cool, once upon a time at EPCOT. It has a citrus flavor and Ivonne reports that this Mezzo Mix slush had a much stronger citrus flavor than expected.

Mezzo Mix Alcoholic Slush – Germany Pavilion
Mezzo Mix Alcoholic Slush – Germany Pavilion

The Bärenjäger Honey Bourbon Liqueur that is served in the slush originates in Germany, but can be found at many specialty liquor stores. It is generally sweet and smoky, but sadly the nuances of it get a little lost in this slush.

You can find the Mezzo Mix slush at the snack and beer cart inside the Germany Pavilion, to the right as you walk into the pavilion itself. For $14.00 it is one of the pricier alcoholic slushes available, but it is a little special. If you enjoy a frozen slush rather than a drink on ice, this is a fun one to try, but not something to have on your must-do list.

Have you tried any of the alcoholic slushies at Walt Disney World? Which one is your favorite?

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