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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! November 2014 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

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MMM positiveBlack Friday. One of the biggest shopping days in the ‘Murica calendar. There couldn’t be a a more appropriate day of the year for a photo report of the Disney Outlet Stores (other than April Fool’s Day of course.) I will be said to see November go though, because as a theme park fan this was a HUGE month. We said hello to the much needed parking garage at Downtown Disney, and goodbye to my beloved NASCAR Sports Grille at Universal CityWalk. Both Universal and Disney opened new eateries: the unbelievably great Cowfish at CityWalk, and the just plain unbelievable (as in not believable) food truck park at Downtown Disney. The Magic Kingdom unveiled the awesome new queue for Peter Pan’s Flight, and the entire WDW resort area is starting to look like Christmas with the Wilderness Lodge getting its King Kong-sized tree and the Grand Floridian & Contemporary resorts putting up their must-see gingerbread houses. This may go down in the history books as the greatest month of all time, at least until next month.

Enough jibber jabber! Who is ready to hit the Outlets? Remember that clicking on any picture will open a full size version of it (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

We’re going to start off with my of my all-time favorite items I have ever seen at the Outlets: a Luigi’s Flying Tires toy! The huge rumor over in California is that the Luigi’s Flying Tires attraction is going down in January for “refurbishment”… and not coming back. Even mainstream film and pop culture sites have picked up on the story. Seeing this toy at the Outlets would be like stumbling upon a Habit Heroes comic book, or a pin for Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration. Originally $9.95, this bad boy is now just $4.95, but its value to me is priceless.

Staying true to the ride itself, this toy also doesn’t work.

Oh, but my day got even better as I next found out that there were MagicBand accessories reduced for the first time ever. Earlier this year we ran across the super bizarre MagicBand t-shirts (the I’m with the band shirts and its ilk), but this is the first time since they made their debut that anything directly related to the MagicBands have been discounted. Disney has a Catch 22 situation right now with MagicBands. It is offering a lot of new bands that have art printed directly on them, such as the Haunted Mansion one and various limited edition releases for events such as Star Wars Weekends, Frozen Summer Fun, Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. But, if you by these special ones, you don’t want to cover it up with something else.

My reaction to seeing this was almost indescribable. Probably the only people who can identify are those who saw the Berlin Wall come down in the 1980s.


They say good things come in threes, and what I saw next really made my day. One of the few things I seriously collect related to Disney is the line of action figures that mash-up Disney characters and Star Wars characters. (I also collect their Muppet Star Wars line and odd items such as Mickey as Indiana Jones, Mickey as Tron, Mickey as Jack Sparrow, etc.). This Sarlacc Attack playset was the first of its kind for this collection and made its debut during Star Wars Weekends earlier this year. However, the $30 price point was pretty steep considering almost all of the characters have already been released separately, plus the skiff and sarlacc monster were just pieces of cardboard. I have passed by this toy once a month at Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney, almost picking it up each time. but I decided to take the risk and hope that it ended up at the Outlets. This month I was rewarded for that patience. Originally $29.95, reduced to $14.99. And of course I bought two, which means I basically just wasted all that time and should have just bought in the first place.



This was another playset that came out earlier this year, and it literally didn’t have a single new figure in it (the Minnie in the Sarlacc Attack is one I don’t think you can buy separately). For some insane reason this set, at $34.95, originally cost even more than the Sarlacc Attack. Just bananas. I had no interest in picking this up before, but I grabbed one at the reduced price of $12.99.

“You look a little small to be a stormtrooper.” “That’s because I’m a mouse.”


I’m assuming these Star Wars pins were also originally for Star Wars Weekends. They are based off concept art for the original trilogy. Originally $19.95, these are now $8.99 and limited to “2 per person per day.’

That Yoda in the Jedi pin looks more like Yogurt from Spaceballs.


Presented without commentary.

Most people know what “beer goggles” are, but these can be considered the exact opposite. There is no alcohol strong enough to make anyone think you look good wearing these.


On the Universal side of the theme park world, there’s a running joke about how tight a fist J.K. Rowling has on the Harry Potter Universe. In one of the London Waterfront facades there is record store with an album titled “Jo Sez No” that refers to her putting her foot down and overruling ideas. While this can be frustrating and lead to some delays, the other side of the coin is what we see with Star Wars. These Matchbox-like cars were originally $9.95 each, reduced to $4.99.

How long before the Planes: Fire and Rescue versions of X-Wing fighters, Tie-fighters, and Star Destroyers?


Exhibit B for the defense. Originally $7.95, now $3.99.

Squish me, you will.


Another great surprise was seeing these Tinker Bell magnets by artist J. Scott Campbell. I had run across them earlier this year while at the Marketplace C0-Op. I am a HUGE J. Scott Campbell fan, and I picked up a different piece that trip which featured all the princesses. This set of three magnets was originally $14.95, reduced to $6.99.



For a movie that did such huge business at the box office, I haven’t run across too much Maleficent merchandise in the parks, Downtown Disney, or the Outlets. This head piece has been reduced to $4.99.



This was another dream come true. Tower of Terror towels!!! Originally $24.95, reduced to $14.99.

These now reside in my bathroom.


Can you imagine the marketing meeting where they pitched this Gaston’s Tavern hat? Originally $21.95, reduced to $9.99.

“No one wears bad hats like Gaston…” – Deleted line from the song “Gaston” from the Beauty and The Beast soundtrack.


Another piece of Gaston’s Tavern merch in the form of this coffee mug. Originally $12.95, reduced to 5.99.



I’m going to need to check out what they are selling in the gift shop located next to Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland, because this Be Our Guest-inspired cup also came from there (along with the previous two items). Over the past few months a whole bunch of merchandise from that store has hit the Outlets, so it will be interesting to see what replaced it in the store. These cups were originally $14.95 each, reduced to $5.99.



Attention Matt Hochberg, we have pins for you!



Frozen-related iPhone cases were drastically reduced from $34.95 to $4.99.




This Olaf doll showing up at the Outlets may be one of the biggest signs that we may (I repeat, MAY) have already hit the high point of interest in Frozen merchandise and we are on the way down. With so much of overall inventory at the parks dedicated to Frozen stuff, at some point next year one of my Outlet reports may be all Frozen.



On my Disney Cruise last month I was blown away by the merchandise on Castaway Cay, but the only pin I bought was related to the runDisney Castaway Cay 5K I participated in. Was really excited to see this Castaway Cay pin show up.



These Disney Cruise Line postcards were reduced to $0.39 and $0.19.



This Disney Cruise Line photo album was really cool looking. I liked that you could put a picture in the front of the album as well as inside.




So much Animal Kingdom merchandise arrived to the Outlets this month, including this fun postcard. Not sure of its original price, but now $0.99.



The following Animal Kingdom related shirts were all originally $21.95-$29.95 and reduced to $9.99 to $12.99. The large Mickey and Donald ones are pretty good.




I also enjoyed the next two, which focus on the overall park.




Then we start to go next level bonkers with this Expedition Everest shirt.

I had this tagline in my Tinder profile, but was getting too many swipe lefts.


The following was an actual shirt sold in an actual Walt Disney World park.

Is the Yeti in the ride even white?!


Pretty nifty Expedition Everest photo frame. Originally $14.95, reduced to $6.99.



This hat confused me. I haven’t stared at something for so long and not figured it out since the Magic Eye photos back in the 90s. I have absolutely no idea what that word is on the bill of the cap. I have read The DaVinci Code and have seen all of M. Night Shyamalan’s films, so I’m used to figuring out unnecessarily complex codes, but this befuddled me.




This hat I almost bought. I like those claw marks. Originally $19.95, reduced to $6.99.



Tried to include the neat patches on the side of this hat, but as you can see, I clearly failed. Originally $24.95, reduced to $9.99.



Longtime readers of this column know that the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith is the WDW leader in terrible merchandise that ends up at the Outlets. This hat was originally $24.95, reduced to $9.99.



There’s never enough Muppet merchandise, so it was nice to see this Walter doll arrive. Originally $24.95, reduced to $12.99.



Not as nice to see: Duffy the Disney Bear wearing his Goofy hat. All Duffy bears were reduced to $9.99.



2014 Duffys are waiting for you!




The Good News: I got you a Disney Pillow Pet. The Bad News: You’ll never be able to sleep again.


Not many new plushes this month, but there was this Minnie Mouse doll.

Why is this spelled TINKERBELLE?! It has taken me years to fully accept Disney spells it as Tinker Bell. Or are we in some alternate universe where there is a Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse AND a generic Peter Pan movie where a Tinkerbelle exists?!


And Merida’s horse.



Fancy schmancy WDW dinnerware for your Thanksgiving dinner next year. Originally $12.95 each, now $6.99.



I actually liked this Mickey Mouse chef’s hat. Originally $16.95, reduced to $7.99.



Didn’t understand these keychains, and they kind of frightened me. Originally $8.95, these were now $3.99.

Odds of someone buying these for a keychain also driving a PT Cruiser? 100%


I’m guessing this Michael Jackson glove “light up Rock Star Glove” was for sale at the American Idol Experience before they closed it down? Not sure of originally price, but it’s been reduced to $3.99.



Speaking of American Idol Experience. You know I had to get this.



Was going to get this Disney Dream Aqua Duck pin for resident TouringPlans curmudgeon David Davies, who recently penned his review of the Disney Dream.

No truth to the rumor that original tag line was “What the duck is going on here?!”


Princess pins.



Is the audience that is into Nightmare Before Christmas also the one who would be into a pin like this?



This pin for the Wilderness Lodge makes me want to know more about the backstory of the resort. Mickey struck oil?!



Speaking of resorts I want to depend more time in, I love, Love, LOVE this Fort Wilderness shirt.



Art of Animation is one of the few resorts on property that has a good amount of hotel-related merchandise.



I can see Disney popcorn. I can see a Mickey Bar. I can even see a case being made for a turkey leg. But a donut magnet? Who thinks of donuts at Walt Disney World?! These were originally $12.95 EACH. Now they are $3.99.



Retro style Space Mountain shirt. Originally $21.95, now $9.99.



I bought this WDW shirt. If you click on the picture you’ll see all the details in the stitching. Originally $26.95, reduced to $14.99.



This Lightning McQueen shirt actually freaked me out the closer I got to it. Is it just me, or does the style of art almost make him look evil too?



When this shirt came out earlier this summer it made some small waves in the fan community as it is clearly targeting international tourists. Looks like many people talked about it, but not as many bought it.



Nightmare Before Christmas related hats. Originally ranged from $19.95 to $24.95, reduced to $7.99 to $9.99.



There’s very few pieces of Vinylmation I enjoy, and just about every single one of them involve Mickey Mouse (as the rest of the characters look so ridiculous being painted on a Mickey Mouse mold). Add this Topiary Vinlymation to the list of good ones. Originally this two-pack cost $24.95. It has been reduced to $6.99.



I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. A high end pin set dedicated to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Originally $84.95 (YOU READ THAT RIGHT,) now ONLY $41.99.



Most 2014 branded merchandise is way too generic for my tastes, but I like art on this tote bag as it reminds me of the Mary Blair artwork you’ll see at the “it’s a small world” attraction and at The Contemporary. Originally $29.95, now $12.99. Interesting to see how many items were produced without the Sorcerer’s Hat icon, well before Disney officially announced it would be removed.




Okay, we’re running a bit long so let’s look at some Christmas themed merchandise that you can pick up as early gifts for your loved ones. Actually, this is the Outlet Store, so maybe that can extend to bloggers and other people you may not like all that much, too.  First up is this Ugly Sweater t-shirt. This is apparently a “craze” now as the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney is filled with Ugly Sweater shirts.



Next up is the Lightning Mcqueen and Santa mechanic. This makes absolutely zero sense on about 100 different levels.



On the other side of the coin is this figure featuring Mickey Mouse. Could not find original price, but reduced to $10.99.

My theory on what Mickey is writing is his list of all things that drive him crazy with the My Disney Experience app.



Duffy the Disney Bear, this generation’s version of getting coal for Christmas.


Okay, time to go and we’ll close with one of the all time strangest items I have come across to date. Schwings. Has anyone heard of these before? You add these little wings to the top of your sneakers. Do they sell this at runDisney events? Originally $8.95, now $3.99.



If you’ve been keeping track of these reports, you know that I have been spending more and more money each time I go. We still haven’t figured out if the merchandise is getting that much better, or I have personally became a human case study of schadenfreude. Whatever the case, this is the first time I left the Outlet stores with TWO FULL BAGS of merchandise. Save yourselves people, I’m doomed.


IMG_2050There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). For this edition of MMM, we went to the location near Universal.

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12 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! November 2014 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

  • Poor Duffy. All the animosity he gets is really disappointing. 🙁

  • On our trip in mid-November we visited the location on Vineland, based mostly on these blogs. Some comments:

    1) We were thoroughly underwhelmed by the selection. We had read somewhere (not here) that the location on Vineland has a better selection because it is closer to Disney. Based on this post, it appears that the I-Drive location has a much better inventory, at least at the moment.

    2) The Vineland location is, well, CREEPY! Some examples why:
    a) Cops and rent-a-cops everywhere.
    b) Sketchy characters everywhere. It appears this is a favorite shopping area for ex- or soon-to-be felons.
    c) Big road construction-type signs warning you not to leave anything valuable in your vehicle.
    d) Most creepy, some moron who came up beside my wife, walked beside her for a bit, and whispered in a creepy voice “I’m gonna get youuuuu”.

    We won’t be back. At least not to that location.

    • Lest we forget that getting in and out of the Vineland Outlets is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have in Orlando.
      Please extend my apologies to your wife. I was practicing my Boogeyman impersonation.

      • “Please extend my apologies to your wife. I was practicing my Boogeyman impersonation.”

        Now that’s funny 🙂

  • You probably don’t do this, but that 2014 bag I need it. I have the DIsneyland version and looked all over the parks for the wdw version. I didn’t have a car so the outlets wasn’t something I could check. I’d even pay full price. Or do you know if I can call and order it? Thanks

    • I think you can order anything from Disney as long as you have the UPC code. Normally I take a picture of the UPC code when getting the price, except for the ones that have a sign, which unfortunately the tote bag had. Sorry.

      • Don’t suppose you have the UPC for the plates? They’re priced twice that on the Disney Store online and if I can call Guest Services and save, I’d love to!

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