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MORE Disney Bar Crawls (That Aren’t Drinking Around the World!!)

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If you’ve been to Walt Disney World recently (or ever read this blog…or have a pulse) you know that in recent years the Walt Disney Company has perfected the art of separating people from their money. Sure, it’s true that this isn’t a new phenomenon, but let’s just say that Disney has found some really creative ways to separate said people from said money. One way – and a way for which I am a sucker – is the plethora of amazing new restaurants and bars that have sprung up around property. I know that I can buy a six-pack of beer at home for the price of one beer at Walt Disney World, but I nevertheless spend weeks worth of paychecks on Mickey-shaped food and overpriced beer. Every single time. Let’s take some time to dive into the second one, shall we?

A while back I wrote a post on Disney World Bar Crawls that ARE NOT Drinking Around the World at Epcot. And let’s be clear here: drinking around the world is still a thing and you can certainly feel free to do it. But if we’re about anything here at Touring Plans, it’s helping you make the most of your vacation via painstakingly researched to-do lists. And when the opportunity arose to painstakingly research something involving drinking alcohol, I stepped up.

So now, by popular demand (and by “popular,” I mean a couple people in the comments section of my original post), I present a list of Three MORE Disney World Bar Crawls that are NOT Drinking Around the World at Epcot.

Baseline Beer Flight
Baseline Tap House (Credit: Brian McNichols)


With half of Disney’s Hollywood Studios park behind construction walls, you might run out of things to do around the park by, say, noontime. So now you can replace riding rides and viewing shows with drinking beers and sipping cocktails.

1. Baseline Taphouse
Start your tour at this honest-to-goodness bar that recently opened in the center of the park. The Taphouse – a bar with indoor and outdoor seating and a very “big city” feel to it – is one of a kind at Walt Disney World and it is currently very popular. Hit it up first when it is hopefully not too crowded. Just make sure not to stay there all day and never make it to any other stops.

2. Tune-In Lounge
Located inside the 50’s Prime Time Café, the Living Room/Dad’s midcentury mancave-themed bar is another popular spot and the former watering hole of choice inside the park before Baseline opened. There are a few theme specific cocktails to try although sadly no 50s-era beer. (Come on Disney, where’s the Schaffers?) The Lounge doubles as the waiting area for the restaurant so try to visit before the dinner rush arrives and hopefully you can find a seat.

3. Brown Derby Lounge
Another indoor spot to enjoy if you’re not too snickered to wreck the vibe, you can sample some signature drinks here alongside the usual property menu. This would be a good mid-crawl spot to have a bite to eat if it’s still early enough to grab a table (or just order at the bar). I hear the Cobb Salad and Grapefruit Cake are things.

4. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
While not a bar by any means, this counter service spot features a few different drink choices like margaritas, hard frozen lemonade, and a boozy Kahula-spiked milkshake. Plus it sits on a somewhat picturesque spot on Echo Lake for people watching while drinking.

5. Baseline Taphouse (Again)
Well much like trying to go on rides at the park, just when things start to get going, you run out of options (at least until the limited selection at Woody’s Lunch Box comes into the mix when Toy Story Land opens). In the meantime, you might as well cap off the crawl where you began it, with some craft beers inside the best in-park bar at Walt Disney World that is not inside Epcot.

A beverage of choice at Raglan Road


Yes we understand that Disney Springs is basically one giant bar crawl. After all, do you really think Disney expects sober people to drop $500 on Ugg Boots while on vacation in Florida? Anyway, we narrowed it down to the section of Disney Springs with the best bars concentrated in one area…plus it is sort of/kind of an homage to the former Pleasure Island that was located in the same spot.

1. The Boathouse
Start your crawl at one of the bars at The Boathouse, perhaps (if weather permits) the outdoor Dockside Bar with views of the water and Amphicars. Sample a fresh vodka spiked blueberry lemonade or maybe a mint julep in a copper mug.

2. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar
The popular Indiana Jones-themed watering hole is our next stop. Grab some adventurous libations, a craft beer, or a whiskey flight but don’t get too caught up in Indiana Jones nostalgia because there are a lot more stops on the crawl.

When it opens later this year, Wine Bar George would make a good change of pace for a next stop here.

3. Paradiso 37
Kick the crawl up a notch with one a tequila-based cocktail or perhaps one of the “world’s coldest beers” like their in-house P37 draft.

4. Enzo’s Hideaway
Shh! The next stop is the 1920s Italian speakeasy near the new Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante. Wine and theme-appropriate rum and scotch are the featured libations. For added fun, try to find your way to the restrooms. You might run into Len Testa.

5. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’
Head on over to the Shine Bar at Homecomin for a signature moonshine cocktail. If it’s late at night on a Saturday, you might even find Chef Smith himself slinging drinks behind the bar!

Make sure to take a moment at this point in the crawl to walk past Morimoto Asia in the building adorned with the giant light up words “SPRINGS BOTTLING CO” and wonder why this is an Asian restaurant and not, say, a brewery.

6. Raglan Road
Enjoy a frothy Guinness or a beer blend while no doubt jigging the night away inside Disney Springs’ signature Irish pub.

This is probably a good spot to make sure someone can still call an Uber or find their way to the Disney bus stop. If you’re in shape to continue without making a scene, consider ending the night at the rooftop bar at nearby Paddlefish.

It is also important to note that literally every stop on this bar crawl has food, including lounge menus and late night menus. So please have something to eat. Maybe even make it an appetizer crawl and split something among the group at every stop. You’ll be much better off for it.

Drinks with a view at Laguna Bar at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort (Credit: Brian McNichols)


We could have included the All Star Resorts here, but instead we can leave that to the guys who did the Value Resort Bar Crawl, the less said about which the better.

This bar crawl would be best completed from the late afternoon into the night. A later start might eliminate the pool bars while an earlier start will eliminate the final stop at Rix.

1. Uzima Springs Pool BarAnimal Kingdom Lodge
Meet your group outside near the Uzima Springs Pool and have a cold beer or frosty cocktail. Perhaps even wander around the area and check out the animals on the nearby savanna.

(Optional: Continue the stroll all the way over to the Maji Pool Bar at the adjacent Kidani Village. Grab another drink for the walk back to Jambo House, the main building at Animal Kingdom Lodge.)

2. Victoria Falls LoungeAnimal Kingdom Lodge
Head inside for some sweet air conditioning and enjoy a drink at the Victoria Falls Lounge near Animal Kingdom Lodge’s two restaurants – Jiko and Boma. This would be a great spot to order some small plates like chicken wings, flatbread, or charcuterie. (Note: Food is not available until 5:00 p.m.)

Take An Uber, Cab, or have a sober member of your group drive you to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

3. Siestas CantinaCoronado Springs Resort
Time for another pool bar! Take in the sights and sounds of a replica Mayan pyramid overtaken by splashing children and enjoy a frozen margarita or an ice cold beer with a lime in it.

4. Laguna BarCoronado Springs Resort
Head on over the outdoor Laguna Dock Bar, overlooking Coronado Springs Resort’s picturesque Lago Dorado lagoon. Limited seating and a limited food menu are both available here and may both be welcome at this point.

5. Rix Sports Bar & GrillCoronado Springs Resort
Once known for DJs and an “ultralounge nightclub” vibe, Rix has seen a reinvention of sorts recently. Now shifting focus to being a more inclusive sports bar, Rix is still the prime nightlife spot on the crawl and will be a great way to end things. You can park yourself inside Rix for the rest of the night (or midnight, which is when they close).

So that concludes another list of potential Walt Disney World Bar Crawls. Consider these and others for your next Disney bachelor/bachelorette party, 21st birthday, or Thursday. And talk about it in the comments. Have you attempted such a crawl? How did it go? Were you, in fact, crawling when it was over? We’d love to hear your feedback or ideas on where we could crawl to next.

(Thanks to Brian McNichols and James Rosemergy for help on this article.)

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