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Sample Menu Search on LinesToday we launched an improved Menu Search feature on TouringPlans.com and the Lines mobile app!

You may have noticed in the past that searching for a term such as ‘red’ would not only return menu items with the word ‘red’, but also items with any word containing the letters ‘r-e-d’, like ‘buttered’. We realized very quickly that this was not an optimal way of searching for items and set out to fix it. Now when you search, you will receive results that are much more accurate! You can also find the Menu Item search form off to the side on any dining-related page.

But that’s not all! We have also launched the Menu Search feature on our Lines app and mobile site! If you ever get a hankering for a sandwich while in the Magic Kingdom, you can just open up Lines, tap Search for Menu Items, and type in ‘sandwich’. You can even restrict that to the Magic Kingdom, and even further to Table or Counter Service Restaurants, if you wish. And then you’ll see the full variety of sandwiches offered in the Magic Kingdom, including all three types of Waffle Sandwiches!

Our Lines app also features the full list of Walt Disney World resort menus, just like our main site. You can choose “Browse Menus” to view menus at every park or hotel on resort property, or choose the “Dining” link from a specific park page (at the top, next to the “Attractions” link) to see that park’s dining options. Whether you’re at home planning, or in the parks exploring, you will always be able to find up-to-date menu listings and prices at every restaurant or food cart.

We also have many more improvements to our menu system in the works, and as always, we love to hear your feedback and comments!

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4 thoughts on “New and Improved Menu Search!

  • This is awesome for us as we have small kids. Now we can see the menu before we go to eat and we won’t all be crowding around the menu board with kids in strollers. Awesome addition!

  • Wow — I am really impressed with the amount of functionality you’re able to squeeze into the Lines app! For whatever reason, when I’m in the parks I just don’t think about going to touringplans.com on my device, I rely exclusively on what is available in Lines. So thanks for making it so much more robust 🙂

  • Love this function in general. DS has terrible terrible food aversion problems due to SPD, and it is so helpful to be able to look up “nuggets” and “tenders” without carrying an outdated homemade menu book I made a few years ago. Many thanks!

  • Fantastic addition, especially to the Lines app! I think it will really be a benefit to those (like us) going to WDW on the Quick Service Dining Plan. Family is headed to WDW in mid-May, will definitely utilize it during our trip!


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