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New Breakfast Options Available at Magic Kingdom

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Recently, the Magic Kingdom rolled out a brand new Welcome Show that takes place on the Cinderella Castle Forecourt Stage. Because of this, Guests are now able to enter the Magic Kingdom and stroll through Main Street U.S.A., savoring the atmosphere, taking photos, and grabbing a quick breakfast. While most immediately head to the Main Street Bakery for their Starbucks coffee, Disney has introduced a few new locations that will be serving up some unique breakfast options.

Magic Kingdom Casey's Corner


Casey’s Corner will be serving up muffins, bagels, and a croissant doughnut. But if you’re looking for something a little more interesting, they will also be offering corn dog nuggets and the hash brown dog. The hash brown dog features hash browns, bacon, Cheddar, onion straws and chipotle-ranch. One thing to note is that according to the Disney Parks Blog, breakfast options at Casey’s Corner will stop being served at 11:00 a.m.




Over at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, stop in for Mickey waffles, Kelloggs cereal and donuts. Or for those looking for a real breakfast/dessert combo, try the donut sundae which features a donut topped with your favorite flavor of hand-scooped Edy’s ice cream, hot fudge, apple filling, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and a cherry.




Sleepy Hollow has been well known for their wonderful waffle sandwiches. My favorite is the nutella waffle with fruit, but they are now introducing another yummy breakfast option. A waffle sandwich with egg, ham and tomato. This one sounds right up my alley.

Do any of these new options appeal to you?


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11 thoughts on “New Breakfast Options Available at Magic Kingdom

  • Wow – some of these photos are a little…ahem…suggestive.

    And everything here looks gross for breakfast. I wouldn’t want to eat out-of-season tomatoes, onion straws, and then ride Space first thing.

    • Ha!! Of course they’re suggestive. Lots of food items at the parks use cookies to resemble Mickey ears. 🙂

  • I’m sorry but that donut sundae is ridiculous, and it’s just crazy to list that anywhere near breakfast items.

  • Will the welcome show outside the main gate still take place? I took my daughter for the first time in September and I was so glad we got there to see that!

  • Hmm seems like they’re forgetting their veggie guests again! It seemed like they were stepping it up at one point last year.
    I’m a savoury breakfast person so the sweet treats don’t appeal to me at that time of the morning!

    • I cannot believe Disney chose that photo for the waffle. Those tomatoes are barely even pink let alone red. Probably more accurate, but discouraging none the less.

  • I was at MK on 1/10 and tried that hashbrown dog. It was so bad. SALTY is the best word for it. Nasty is another. Should have gotten the croissant doughnut!

  • Based on location, I didn’t think Sleepy Hollow would be accessible before rope drop. Love their waffles! Can’t wait to check out the new opening in a few weeks!

    • I’d really like confirmation on this. Does anyone know if Sleepy Hollow is available before rope drop? Because…. WAFFLES!!!

  • I’m pretty excited about the cronut being available at Casey’s. Is this the same as the one they have over the outpost in Canada at Epcot?

  • Maybe I am really hungry but that hot dog looks and sounds delicious. I can eat that why while waiting for the rope to drop now that it will be inside the hub!

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