New Muppet nuiMOs and Accessories to Add to Your Collection

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Judging by social media posts from people more on-trend than me, nuiMOs are a hit! Recently, Disney released two new figures and some more clothing options for these tiny posable figures. The latest figures are the ever-stylish Miss Piggy and the not-quite-as-stylish-but-certainly-cute-anyhow Kermit from The Muppets.

In addition to the new figures, a whole slew of new outfits have been released. The outfits are $12.99 each, and the figures are $17.99 each. They are available in stores all around Walt Disney World property, at Downtown Disney at Disneyland, and on shopDisney.

Here’s a list of current outfits that we’ve seen.

  • Yellow Coat with Polka Dot Dress and Red Clutch
  • Floral Shirt with Black Pants and Sandals
  • White Coat with Tweed Dress and Crossbody
  • White Blazer Jacket with Gingham Skirt
  • Striped Shirt with Floral Pants and Mini Bag
  • Blue Jacket with Pants
  • Striped Shirt, Red Sweater and Sunglasses
  • Navy Sailing Blazer with Khaki Pants
  • Hoodie with Overalls
  • T-shirt with Pants and Straw Hat
  • Blue Jacket and Layered Blue Dress and Polka Dot Shoes
  • Floral Dress with Crossbody
  • Blue Jacket with Army Green Pants



Are you a fan of the nuiMOs? What figure would you be guaranteed to buy a wardrobe for?

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