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New TouringPlans Teaches Episode: High-Crowd Day at Magic Kingdom

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In this week’s episode of TouringPlans Teaches, I’m going through how to approach one of the highest-crowd days at Magic Kingdom. If you have plans to visit Walt Disney World during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or Spring Break, this is the video you need to watch. This is one of the most-requested strategies in the past few weeks since so many people travel during these crowded periods, and having a plan is absolutely necessary so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Bonus! This week I give two different strategies for the same day. One is for offsite guests who can’t do early entry, but are willing to pay for Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane. The other is for onsite guests that don’t want to mess with Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane, but will take advantage of early entry.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • Where to start your morning to avoid the longest lines later in the day
  • How to spend your afternoon avoiding lots of people
  • Why you should do a table service dinner on crowded days
  • Where the best parade spot is in the Magic Kingdom
  • How to accomplish up to 18 (EIGHTEEN!) attractions even on the highest-crowd days, plus two meals, a parade, fireworks and some downtime. Phew!

Join me below (or on YouTube) as we walk through these two example strategies for the highest-crowd days at Magic Kingdom. And, as always, don’t miss the special guest star!

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Becky Gandillon

Becky Gandillon was trained in biomedical engineering, but is now a full-time data and analytics nerd. She loves problem solving and travelling. She and her husband, Jeff, live in St. Louis with their two daughters and they have Disney family movie night every Saturday. You can follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-gandillon/ or instagram @raisingminniemes

5 thoughts on “New TouringPlans Teaches Episode: High-Crowd Day at Magic Kingdom

  • Becky – I am under the impression that off-property guests can’t make G+ resos at 7am, but have to wait until the parks open. Do I have old information?
    Thank you for all your helpful tips!

    • Off-property guests _can_ make their first Genie+ reservation as early as 7 am, just like on-property guests. The only difference is Individual Lightning Lane purchases. On-site guests can also do those at 7 am, but off-site guests have to wait until park opening.

  • Thanks for your prompt and thoughtful reply, Becky. I really enjoy your teaching videos.

  • What do you recommend for crowded MK days for parents with young children who don’t have the stamina to arrive really early and stay in the park until really late?

    • Either take naps in the middle of the day (and cross fingers that the park doesn’t shut due to capacity), or pick either the early “half” or late “half” of the day and just understand you won’t get everything done in MK in the day. You could also start early at MK and then hop to a more relaxed afternoon at Animal Kingdom, etc.


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