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No Skinny Dipping Allowed: What To Do If You Forget Your Swimsuit for Your Disney Vacation

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If it’s 40 degrees where you are right now and you’re packing for a Disney trip, it can be easy to forget to pack your swimsuit. With some of the Disney theme parks closing earlier than you might be used to (we’re looking at you Animal Kingdom!), you may decide that taking an evening swim fits into your schedule when it might have been something you’ve skipped in the past. Or, if you’ve got kids who haven’t worn their swimsuits since summer and suddenly they don’t fit, swimsuits may not be available at your local big box retailer where you are coming from.

Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself at Walt Disney World, you want to go swimming, and you need a swimsuit.

The good news is that swimsuits are available at Walt Disney World. . . Sort of.

In general, you won’t have a problem finding swimwear from swim diapers and young kid swimwear up to tween-age swimsuits for boys and girls. You’ll be able to find a small selection at most resort gift shops and even in the theme parks. Keep in mind, selections will be limited, however, and prices may be a bit steep compared to what you’re used to. Expect to spend about $30 for a pair of swim trunks or a girl’s swimsuit.

For adults, finding a swimsuit that fits well may be a bit more challenging. There are very VERY limited amounts of swimwear available at most resorts — think one or two styles/patterns each for men and women. And if you’re a woman who finds getting a swimsuit with a good fit is a challenge, you may be out of luck when it comes to what you’ll find at your hotel.

Even at a Deluxe resort like the Contemporary, swimsuit selections for women are slim.

Although Florida big box stores, such as Walmart and Target, do have swimwear seasons and don’t sell large selections all the time, the stores close to the theme park area do offer a modest selection of swimwear year-round. (It is Florida, after all.) Some stores may offer the ability to place an order online for easy pickup. If you can find what you’re looking for at one of them and if you have transportation to get there, that will be your most value- and time-conscious option.

The average guest, however, may find that the options at their resort aren’t going to work for them, and they don’t have transportation to head off property easily. For those guests, your best bet is Disney Springs. Specifically, for the whole family, try the Ron Jon Surf Shop. For women, you can also try Everything But Water. You may also find a few additional options at World of Disney.

Swimwear at Everything But Water in Disney Springs.

And, if all else fails, you can certainly sit around the pool and even dangle your legs in wearing normal park clothes. It may not be the full swimming experience, but it would be better than nothing, and just soaking your feet in the pool after a long day of walking does feel really, really good.

Have you ever had to purchase a swimsuit at Walt Disney World? Did you have luck finding anything that met your needs? Let us know in the comments.




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