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How to Use the Lines 2.0 App Filtering Feature for Dining and Attractions

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Planning a trip to Disney World looks a little different these days; and since new situations call for new tools, the TouringPlans Lines app (the highest-rated Disney World app in iTunes and Google Play!) has received a major update for iOS users (with an Android update coming in the future) improving those features users love! Today I’m going to show you how to utilize the new and improved app’s filtering feature for both dining and attractions!

Let’s start with the app’s main page where I’m going to select the Magic Kingdom from the display below.

Dining Filter

What you see below is the app’s Magic Kingdom page after I’ve selected the Dining tab. This is where every Magic Kingdom dining location, from table service restaurants to snack carts, is listed in alphabetical order along with our readers’ ratings, price information, and more!

Now if you prefer to narrow down your Magic Kingdom dining options, you need to select the Filter icon and switch it from off to on. It’s the icon that’s underlined in the image above.

Once you do…

…what’s shown above is what you will see! Here you can filter the restaurant list by ratings and/or type. This means you can select exceptional from the Ratings AND Quick Service from the list of restaurant types!

Attractions Filter

Now let’s go back to the Magic Kingdom’s page and select the Attractions tab. Here every Magic Kingdom attraction is listed in alphabetical order as seen below.

Here you will find a ride summary, ratings, our expected wait time plus Disney’s posted waits, and our suggestion for whether you should ride now or wait. But again, if you prefer to narrow down the list and tailor the attraction selection to your preferences or that of your group, switch that Filter icon from off to on.

Once you do, what’s pictured below is what pops up on your screen.

These categories are different filters to help narrow down that lengthy list of Magic Kingdom attractions in order to put together that perfect touring plan for your Magic Kingdom day.

The filters range from height requirements to ratings to age groups; but personally speaking, I love the filter for Will I Get Wet? That’s something guests want to know so they don’t end up unexpectedly soaked!

I also love the filter for Air Conditioning! If you’re familiar with Central Florida’s signature sunshine and humidity, you know how brilliant and helpful this filter truly is.

I already mentioned that there are age group filters, but there are options within that each age group filter ranging from Any to Exceptional in order to truly tailor the results to your unique group.

Another great filter, especially for those visiting the Magic Kingdom with little ones in tow, is the filter for whether or not your attraction selection Has Seats.

So that’s my tutorial for how to use the Lines 2.0 app’s filtering feature for both dining and attractions! Be sure to download the Lines 2.0 app for your trip to Walt Disney World to save time in line and to make planning in these unprecedented times a little easier.

Have you checked out the new Lines 2.0 app? Let us know in the comments!

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