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PHOTOS: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Bag Check Construction Progress

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It’s been a little frustrating entering Walt Disney World’s theme parks lately. Three out of the four theme parks have construction happening before you even make it through the park gates. Once it is all over it will be nice, but for now it is mildly agitating facing construction walls and narrowed pathways the moment you make it to the front entrance.

Animal Kingdom Bag Check Construction

Things are progressing with the construction of a new bag check area for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We believe this bag check area will resemble Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ bag check area in which guests using strollers and wheelchairs have lanes separate from guests who are not using these items. This does make for a more organized and generally more efficient bag check experience.

Animal Kingdom Bag Check Construction
Animal Kingdom Bag Check Construction

Have you experienced the construction at the front entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Did it impact your visit?

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2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Bag Check Construction Progress

  • Disney has created this problem. Since they have priced tickets, food and beverages so high, people will look at alternative ways to save money. Unintended consequence. I have owned DVC since 1995 and this was never the case 20 years ago….. The largest bags were diaper bags…. You never saw backpacks let alone coolers in the parks.

  • Nice to see that strollers and wheelchairs are getting their own line. Now if we could just get a separate line for parties who have several backpacks and/or soft-side coolers that are completely, and I mean completely, crammed with food. I get wanting to save $$$ in the parks. However, we’ve been in line behind at least 3 different parties on recent visits where several people in the party had the aforementioned packs. Security had to make them unload every single item from the packs so they could thoroughly screen everything. Which took forever. I’m talking around 5 minutes/bag/person. Not only were we frustrated, security was also very visibly frustrated with these people.

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