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PHOTOS – Rise of the Resistance Changes to Loading Procedures

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Rise of the Resistance, the hot ticket attraction at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, is still breaking in its new boarding group procedure. But there’s new changes at the ride itself. Our team noticed more plexiglass dividers throughout the preshow area and on the ride vehicle itself. And now we are experiencing more than one group being loaded into each ride vehicle. This will increase capacity, but does reduce the distancing between parties.

The good news is the ride vehicle is constantly moving which should help with concerns about more than one party being on the same vehicle. We continue to monitor the mask compliance among observed guests and it continues to be in the 95% or more range.


Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers
Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers
Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers
Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers
Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers
Rise of the Resistance Additional Plexiglass Dividers

Have you had a chance to ride Rise of the Resistance yet? Will these changes impact your decision to experience this breakthrough attraction?

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8 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Rise of the Resistance Changes to Loading Procedures


    Angela is confusing this site with another Theme Park blog where Insiders drop random statistics and argue politics. I won’t say which site that is, though many readers here could probably figure it out. 🙂

  • I couldnt get a boarding group at 7am and at the 2pm time. Dont know if i will bother in future

  • We had this internal discussion when Disney allowed ROTR boarding groups from outside the parks – should we try to get them to see if it works? We decided against it because it would negatively impact the in-park guest experience.

    Obviously, we need a boarding group to get on the ride and see the new safety procedures. And we need to ride periodically to check whether all of the show elements are working, just like any other ride.

  • Len coming in with the Statistics and Science bomb!
    I know you all do your research, I hate it when you’re attacked like that.

  • Hi Angela,

    Every day, we count 500 people at random in a Disney park or Disney Springs. We detail the location and that count in our daily Wait Times blog post (e.g.,

    To date, we’ve counted more than 5,000 people at WDW. Mask compliance – defined as following Disney’s rules for mask wearing – has been between 94% and 98% every time we’ve counted.


  • You cannot make statements like 95% mask compliance with no quantitative evidence to back that up. Where did you get that number? Who was the sample? How was this collected?? How did you analyze the data???? This is piss poor journalism and outright lies

  • Maybe, just maybe… If all of the Disney bloggers would stop yanking all of the boarding group spots from actual visitors, it wouldn’t be so difficult for all of us “regular guests” from being able to ride! Sheesh.

    • Hi Dr. Nigel,

      Myself and our field team can’t speak for how other blogs do things, but for us, most of our in-park blogging team hasn’t ridden since the parks reopened. Some of our team hasn’t ridden at all since the ride opened originally. I personally have never been on the ride, and have never actually attempted to obtain a boarding group. So in all, our field blogging team has had one single person ride twice since parks reopened in July. Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you.

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