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REVIEW – Gobbler Poutine and Canadian Apple Slushy Make the Perfect Pair

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One of our favorite things about The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs is the seasonal creations it offers. Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s time for all things turkey and cranberry. With that in mind we present to you the Gobbler Poutine and the Canadian Apple (boozy) Slushy.

Daily Poutine Disney Springs
The Daily Poutine Gobbler and Canadian Apple Slushy

The Gobbler Poutine is piled with turkey, cranberry chutney, brown gravy, and cheese curds. If you’re ready to talk turkey this is a must! For $9.99 it is a good serving and a great snack when shared, on a satisfying meal for one. The Canadian Apple Slushy is boozy and delicious. The Crown Royal Apple is smooth and blended with lemonade, apple syrup and caramel syrup. For $14.00 it is a little pricey, but it is in line with similar alcoholic beverages at Disney Springs. Both are fantastic ways to kick off this festive season.


Have you eaten at The Daily Poutine? Do you have a favorite seasonal creation?

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