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PHOTOS – Vintage Inspired Disneyland Shirts, and Plush With Better Fashion Than You Arrive at Disneyland Resort

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Good news! NEWMEOW! NEWMIO! NUMO? Nui… Mo? nuiMOs have arrived at Disneyland Resort!!!!! What’s are nuiMOs? They are small plush version of Disney characters that probably have better fashion sense than you or anyone you know. They’re also the latest thing Disney is hoping becomes a thing with visitors to their theme parks and stores.

Judging by the signage in World of Disney and shops on Buena Vista Street, Disney is clearly hoping this catches on with Instagram users.

Each plush character is $17.99. To further push the social media aspect, each character is posable and can stand on their own.

The big draw of the figures is customizability thanks to extra clothing that can be purchased for $12.99 to $19.99 per a set. The most popular item so far seems to be the Disneyland spirit jersey, which is currently sold out at Disneyland Resort.

Here’s what the nuiMOs look like with some of the clothing options.

Accessories are also available. It’s safe to assume Disney will pump out new clothing and accessories for nuiMOs on a regular bases.

The first seasonal clothing set for the nuiMos is also available.

Meanwhile in Disney California Adventure, preparations for the return of outdoor dining is currently underway. The governor of California recently lifted a stay-at-home order that previously stopped outdoor dining at restaurants in the state. There’s no word yet on when dining will return to DCA but we expect it to happen in the next couple of weeks.

World of Disney has received numerous new Disneyland clothing items. Here’s a zip-up hoodie ($49.99) and matching sweatpants ($44.99).
This Disneyland ringer tee was pretty nice.

If you’re in to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland you’ll love the assortment of new shirts, jackets, and hoodies that have arrived.

Here’s a hoodie with a similar design for $44.99.

Cropped Disneyland Mickey Mouse sweaters for $44.99 each.T

This mustard yellow distressed Disneyland Mickey Mouse crewneck can be yours for $49.99

I like the design on this Disneyland shirt, but the long sleeves being built in is an… interesting choice. $44.99

Another Mickey Mouse sweater and sweatpants set.

The former Rainforest Cafe location is currently being transformed in to the new Star Wars Trading Post.

As you can see some bits of themeing are being added to the building to give it a Star Wars feel.

That’s it for today. What do you think of the nuiMOs? Will they be the latest trend to catch on? Let me know in the comments below. 



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