Plans for the Four Seasons at Walt Disney World Revealed

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Disney filed with the water management district for the Four Seasons resort scheduled to tentatively open in 2014 and that means we’ve now got the basic plans for the site in PDF.

Here’s a couple of quick screen grabs of the most interesting bits to save you form having to sort through the technical documents contained within the PDF linked to above. First off, a general overview of the are and how it integrates into the existing Osprey Ridge golf course and Golden Oak luxury home community:

The lower right side of the image has the current Golden Oak Club House. The parcel to the left is the driving range and golf course club house. The other parcels to the right and above the main hotel site are Golden Oak residential area.Now a slightly zoomed-in look at the hotel site itself:

The main hotel is the rectangular block in the middle of the parcel. Parking is to the right, and a large man-made lake is the left. The top left of the image is a large recreational complex separated from the main hotel by what looks to be some impressive design elements like waterfalls and other water features. Here’s a closer look at the recreational complex:

There appears to be a pair of twisting water-slides on the left, as well as a “Teen Club” toward the top. Most interesting to us though is the “Ruinous Mansion” that is toward the bottom of the layout. Just below the Ruinous Mansion in another section of the plans:

It’s a large water feature dotted with small structures, likely cabanas, and a “Lakeside Restaurant.” How charming! This whole northwestern complex of the side is separated from the main hotel by a walkway over a waterfall:

The main Four Seasons hotel itself is going to be a fairly standard high-rise hotel structure. While it may have some evocative thematic elements once constructed, the basic plans for the ground level don’t suggest any particularly interesting architectural details at this point. It seems the surrounding of the main building will be the featured design rather then the tower of lodging itself.

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One thought on “Plans for the Four Seasons at Walt Disney World Revealed

  • Thanks for sharing! I can’t help but wonder how this will impact Disney’s deluxe resorts – especially the Grand Floridian. As someone who stays at the GF, will I be tempted to stay here knowing prices will be comparable and arguably it could be a more luxurious experience??


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