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Priceline Deals To Start 2019

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If you are like me in this holiday lull before your exciting New Year’s festivities begin*, you may be interested in planning some early 2019 days in the parks.

(*FULL DISCLOSURE: My intended New Year’s festivities include warming my favorite spot on the sofa, eating Christmas butter cookies, and making my case with the family that The Bishop’s Wife should be the next Christmas movie we watch. Just as I am doing now.)

Well, you are in luck! Priceline has rolled some of December’s Express Deals for Animal Kingdom Lodge, All-Star Sports, and Art of Animation right into January and added a few nice Wilderness Lodge rates for good measure.

(Based on the pricing, I suspect at least some the Art of Animation Deals are family suites, but I suggest you pay particular attention to the bottom of the booking page to see if there are any bed selections and more detailed price info.)

For an added bonus, in February and March there are also a few Caribbean Beach and Yacht Club deals, plus a larger number of Beach Club rooms sprinkled throughout. Just remember, folks: these deals come and go quickly, so if they tickle your fancy then you want to grab them quickly.

Before I could put together complete data on them, some Port Orleans Riverside deals out in mid-August came and left. In early September you might see also another group of Beach Club and Yacht Club rooms. Thanks to someone on TouringPlans chat, I also saw Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House rooms out in the wild for $199 at the end of September, so I put together some calendars on those. The Jambo House deals run right now from July to October starting at $162.

Before we get right to some calendars with these deals, I’d like to add a little post-Christmas present here for you. In my last post I provided a few tips to help you refine your Priceline search for best effect. I’d like to add a slightly different slant on the last one where I suggested you try sliding your search window around to see if Priceline Express offers additional deals.

You’ll notice below there are quite a few lone Beach Club Express deals in the calendar. Because I tend to search for deals one day at a time, I record the deals just as they appear. Even though these Beach Club deals have large gaps in between them, I’ve found that you can sometimes squeeze more deals out by using those dates as the start a multiple-day search window.

For example, in the calendar below you can see that there’s a Beach Club deal on March 19 for $223, but nothing else until the following week. However, if you search for the dates 3/19 – 3/21 it will return deals for the whole window. When I ran this same “first day” test for one of the lone Beach Club deals in September, I was able to extend the search window out almost two full weeks and have Priceline offer Beach Club at a daily rate of $220 for the whole shebang.

Here are the current Express Deal calendars – first, a mix up at a few resorts, followed by some with just Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House deals. Good luck in your searches! If you find any interesting deals not mentioned here, please let us know in the comments!

Standard disclaimer: Because of the nature of Priceline Express deals, your mileage may vary when it comes to finding the deals shown here. Also, because Priceline Express does not list the exact hotel name before you book it, there’s no guarantee what resort you will be getting. See this post on details about how to improve your odds for getting the exact resort you desire.

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13 thoughts on “Priceline Deals To Start 2019

  • When I use your tool that links to PL with for the dates selected it is glitching. I put in my check in date of 2-22 and checkout of 2-26 then it briefly (maybe a second) to PL before I am brought back to the dates pages where the check in date now says 2-26 and there is no check out date. I did it 5 times and samething everytime. I tried dates in May also. Could there just be something wrong with my computer or is this happening to others? Thanks!

    • Never mind – I didn’t fill the dates on your page – only used the link to a wierdish PL page that I thought was yours.

  • Hi, I just got three nights at AKL in two weeks with an express deal. It had “ghosted” for two days then showed up again and I snagged it. Keep looking.

    • Thanks Melody! I checked a few dates myself today and wasn’t having luck until now. Glad things are coming back.

      • Me too! Successfully booked 3 nights at AKL at $144/night for later in January with an express deal on Thursday night after being ghosted on Wednesday. Thanks to your tips and some other sleuthing I did online into Priceline Express amenities! Thanks John!

      • Woohoo!

  • Thank you so much for this info. Between this and the tips provided via the Disney Tourist blog I’m looking to book 3-4 nights in late February. Yesterday I spent a better half of my day familiarizing myself with the criteria for these booking and anytime I had a hotel I thought could be a Disney property I got a “Sorry this hotel is no longer available”. I didn’t just limit my search to my February dates either I tried multiple days/options all throughout 2019 and was unable to get past the “Sorry screen”. Just wanted to see if anyone else that has recently tried has any luck with finding Disney bookings for next year as I feel like inventory may not be available for onsite bookings at this time.

    • Hi, a few days before yesterday’s release of free dining all of the Disney resorts on Priceline Express started to ghost away. (I think “ghosting” is a good term for it because you might see what clearly appear to be Disney resorts in search results, but when you click them you get the “Sorry” error you mentioned.)

      The same thing happened with the previous batch of Value resort deals. After a bit of time, some of the Values returned for the nearer dates, along with the other deals I mentioned in this post.

      I’m theorizing this current ghosting of deals was related to the release of free dining and some new ones will appear soon. It’s all kind of a game of cat and mouse at this point, so I keep reminding people to just keep checking. Fingers crossed!

      • Thank you so much for your feedback on this. I’m happy to hear that it’s not something specific to my search. I’ll keep checking on this regulary in hopes they reappear at some point prior to our travel.

  • Thank you for all this! Your initial couple of posts helped me book Wilderness Lodge (1 night) for $195, Yacht Club for (1 night) $178, and then All Star Music (3 nights) for $45 in mid-February. $10 cheaper to do this rather than book direct from Disney (using an AP discount) for 2 nights at Coronado Springs and 3 nights at All Star Music.

    • Terrific!

  • Thank you for this research!

    • You’re welcome – Hope it helps you now and in the future!


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