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Extra Items You Can Get For Your Walt Disney World Hotel Room – For Free and For a Fee

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Walt Disney World hotel rooms are all appointed with at least the basics: bed(s), television(s), hairdryer, steamer or iron and ironing board, some form of refrigerator, coffee maker, and toiletries (soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner).

Guests at some of the deluxe resorts may find perks like fluffy robes in their rooms and guest staying at Disney Vacation Club resorts or family-suite-style rooms may have kitchen or kitchenette amenities.

But beyond these well-known items, there are many additional things Disney can provide you augment your room and, good news, most of these items will be provided at no extra cost. To reserve any of the free amenities listed below, call Disney at 407-939-1936 (have your resort confirmation number available to make things go more quickly).

Touch the “housekeeping” button on your Disney resort room phone to request extras for your room.
A Crib

Disney will provide a crib at no cost to any hotel room on Disney World property. The vast majority of cribs available are Graco Pack ‘n Play models. There may be a limited supply of standard cribs, but in my experience, these go quickly and can be hard to find outside the deluxe resorts.

Disney says that their supply of Pack ‘n Plays is limited, but they have many, many thousands of them on property and I’ve never heard of a guest not being able to get one. If you forget to ask for one in advance, you’ll still have no problem getting one delivered to your room at any point during your stay.

Even if you request a crib in advance, it’s quite possible that the crib will not be in your room when you get there. If this is the case, just touch the “housekeeping” button on the phone in your room and they’ll bring you one within the hour.

Disney hotels have a huge supply of Pack ‘n Play cribs on hand.
There may be a small supply of traditional-style cribs available at some Disney World hotels.
Bed Rails

If you have a toddler who is too big for a crib and maybe not quite big enough for a standard bed, a good safety alternative is a bed rail. Disney is happy to lend you bed rails for your room at no charge. To request this in advance, call the number above.

As with cribs, Disney says that there are a limited number of bed rails available. But unlike cribs, there really are a finite number of bed rails. If you’re 100% sure that this is something you must have in your room and don’t want to leave things up to chance, then you can bring something like portable bed rails or you can rent them from most of the many baby supply agencies in the Orlando area that rent strollers and other gear to theme park visitors.

A Waterproof Mattress Pad

Disney is happy to provide a waterproof mattress pad for any resort room bed at no charge. This can be a great help to families of toddlers or special needs adults. If you think there’s a possibility of a night-time accident, please ask to have a waterproof pad placed on your room bed(s).

Disney has a large supply of these items and are unlikely to run out.

A Mattress Topper

The beds at most Disney World resort hotels are quite comfortable. However, you may be particularly sensitive or may be compelled by circumstance to sleep on your room’s pull-out couch or pull-down bed.

To modify your sleeping surface, Disney hotels have a limited supply of mattress toppers available at no additional charge. If you arrive at your room and feel the bed may not suit you, go ahead and call housekeeping to see if they have mattress toppers. One caveat here: depending on who answers the phone, you may have to try a few different terms to explain what you need. If you hear what seems like a rote “no” on availability, try “mattress topper,” “egg crate,” or “memory foam sheet” as alternative terminology.

Mattress toppers go by many names.
Sharps Containers
Small sharps containers can be delivered to any WDW hotel room.
Wall-mounted sharps containers are in many WDW public restrooms.
A Microwave Oven

Many Walt Disney World hotel rooms (those with kitchens and kitchenettes) come with a microwave oven already integrated into the room. If yours does not and you’d like to have one, know that Disney does have a small supply of microwaves that can be placed in any guest room. If you have a medical need for a microwave, make that known to the hotel staff.

You should also note that the food courts in all the WDW hotels and the Baby Care Centers in the Disney World theme parks have microwave ovens that are free for any guest to use.

Extra of Anything Already in the Room

Housekeeping will be happy to bring you more of just about anything that is already in your room. Some examples include:

  • Blankets. Obviously great if you’re chilly. Other reasons you might need more blankets are if siblings sharing a bed tend to fight over the covers or if you want some extra padding on a hard chair in the room.
  • Pillows. Beyond the obvious use for sleeping, extra pillows can be great way to create a barrier between siblings squabbling about who is on whose half of a bed.
  • Towels. Again you may need more towels for drying off, but you might also want one to keep light from seeping in under a door or serve as a makeshift placemat for a messy child.
  • Hangers. You may need more because you brought a lot of clothing, but here too there are other uses. A classic hotel room hack is to use a hanger with skirt clips to close gaps in window curtains. I also use hangers with clips to dry swimsuits in the bathroom or to hold things like lanyards or small purses.
  • Cups. Beyond holding your sip of water, extra cups can come in handy to hold your toothbrush upright in the bathroom. I also use cups to corral small items like hairbands or pocket change. And cups are also helpful for divvying up snacks into single portions.
  • Plastic bags. You’ll typically find small plastic bags in your room to protect your ice bucket and larger bags in case you’re sending items out be laundered or dry cleaned. Ask for more if you need them to transport wet or sandy shoes or swimsuits home or if you’re disposing of diapers or other smelly items.
Hangers can help you darken your room for better sleeping.
A Communications Kit

Guests with hearing disabilities may request a Room Communications Kit at no charge. Components of this may include door knock and phone alerts, phone amplifiers, bed shaker notification devices, strobe light smoke detectors, and Text Typewriter (TTY) telephones.

To arrange for these items, call 407-824-4321.

Decor, Flowers, and Gifts

In addition to the health, comfort, and safety items above, you can also arrange to have flowers, gift baskets, snacks, and decor items sent to your room. These are decidedly NOT free. For example, a small bouquet is about $80 and Halloween gift basket might be as much as $250. These prices are substantially higher than if you purchased them elsewhere, but it may be worth it as a surprise for a big birthday, honeymoon, or other special event.

To arrange for these special items, contact Disney’s Floral & Gifts department at 407-939-4438 or at

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2 thoughts on “Extra Items You Can Get For Your Walt Disney World Hotel Room – For Free and For a Fee

  • Last month at Beach Club Villas I was told they had no mattress toppers but they’d send up four extra blankets for padding for the pull out couch. I was surprised no mattress topper!

  • If you have allergies, you can request a airpurifer from housekeeping for scents/and Florida Pollens. Very limit supply there tho. House Keeping is who you’d call for that one tho, the front desk doesn’t keep them.


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