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Review: 1900 Park Fare Breakfast is Everything You Could Wish For

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1900 Park Fare has finally returned, and our team recently dropped in for breakfast. Spoiler alert: it was great, and both the character experience and the food were on point. You’ll find 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian, with the entrance just next to the Grand Floridian Cafe. The interior is a large open space with mixed table and banquette seating.

If this review is the first time you’ve heard the words “character experience” joined to a meal, see All About Character Dining at Walt Disney World. 1900 Park Fare is buffet service at both breakfast and lunch, and includes your choice of non-specialty drink. That means coffee is free, but Caffè Latte is a specialty hot beverage and is extra. A full bar is also available, and our team was particularly impressed with the Cold Brew Martini, $16.

Breakfast is $54 for adults and $34 for kids ages 3-9, plus tax. Should you be using the Disney Dining Plan, the meal requires 1 Table Service Credit. There are currently no discounts available if you are an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club Member, but things change in a flash at Disney World so if it’s been a bit then check before you go. If using the Dining Plan, tip is not included. Expect that reservations will be in high demand until the new restaurant smell wears off, and be ready to book as soon as your dining reservation window opens.

The Experience

The 1900 Park Fare meal is Wish Makers Enchanted Dining, with you in the starring role of Wish Maker. You’ll get a postcard on arrival, and you’ll want to keep track of it. Every so often there is a wish ceremony, accompanied by a character parade, and you’ll be asked to hold your “wish” in the air.

We found this new theme delightful. Tiana was all decked out in a sweet safari outfit to go hunting for spices. Cinderella was in her usual blue gown, but took time to show us her slipper. Aladdin was garbed as Prince Ali, and he swore to us up and down that the shoes were comfortable. And we thought Mirabel was the most delightful Madrigal to never get a door. Seeing her spin, dance, and skip her way around the room was just enchanting. All of the characters were very focused on the wishing theme, but it never felt forced or hokey.

Expect to spend 60 to 90 minutes to see all the characters, and don’t worry about missing anyone as you visit the buffet. Our experience is that Cast Members directing the characters are excellent at what they do, and you won’t have a problem greeting them all.

The Food

A note before we give you the rundown on the food. The leaders in charge of the food at 1900 Park Fare are some of the same folks who designed and executed the menus on the Galactic Starcruiser. Chatting with these artisans as we were fortunate to do leaves one humbled by their commitment to their craft. These folks care about ham sourcing and preparation the way Len cares about wait times! Although we haven’t called out every dish below, our team tried almost everything on the buffet and there were no losers.

Pastries & Dessert

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first! Plus, it’s kinda cool that the food that would be dessert at any other meal is just “pastries” at breakfast. The pastry, muffins, and rolls assortment included all the standards, but we loved the Guava and Cream Cheese Danish that was a nod to Mirabel. Any thinner and it would have been just crunchy caramel with the fruit melted away; any thicker and it would have been a ho-hum cinnamon roll consistency.

Top left: muffins and pastries (guava and cheese danish on the left) | Top right: Cinnamon Pull-apart Bread | Bottom left: Bread Pudding | Bottom right: Croissants with jam and butter

Also a big hit: the Cinnamon Pull-apart Bread. It is just as glossy as it looks in the picture below and a couple of orders of magnitude more yummy. Bread Pudding with Vanilla Crème Anglaise was another favorite, sweet and fluffy and sticky – all in the best way.

Kids’ Buffet

The kids’ buffet is listed as “Classic Favorites for Children”, but we think that’s a little suss. That’s where the Mickey Waffles and Pancakes are, and everyone loves those!

Kids Buffet Mickey Waffles and Pancakes

Classic Hot Breakfast Favorites & Savory Items

We have to give a huge nod to the Compart Duroc Whole Bone-In Ham. This is at the carving station; it’s cooked with the skin on for several hours each morning, and it looks like it should be the star of a medieval banquet. It’s absolutely perfect for the setting and it tastes even better than it looks.

Compart Duroc Whole Bone-In Ham

The famed Grand Floridian Strawberry Soup also makes an appearance on the buffet, because of course. But there were other standouts. The Spiced Tofu Scramble could easily be a star at Boma (maybe it’s referencing that Prince Ali street rat heritage) and the best part is that despite being loaded with vegetables and good for you – if you care about that – it’s truly tasty.

Top left: Beef & Potato Hash w/ BBQ sauce inset | Top right: Strawberry Soup | Bottom left: Breakfast Pizza | Bottom right: Spiced Tofu Scramble

The Croissant Breakfast Pizza was smoky bacon, eggs, and a sausage gravy “sauce” on layers of buttery puffed pastry, and our team is already sussing out how to recreate this at home on a lazy weekend. Last but not least is the Beef and Potato Hash, which does not have an impressive name. But we promise, spoon a few dollops of the Hunters BBQ Sauce on the side and good googly moogly, you will definitely be impressed with the flavor.

The Wrap Up

This buffet is just what you’d expect at the Grand Floridian. It’s elevated and special. As a face character breakfast, the stars are able to talk with you and here they used their interactions to weave the theme of the meal into a coherent story. But while the characters were lovely, the star of this meal was the food and this is our new favorite character meal foodwise. We would pay the asking price for the food alone here, even without the characters.

Are you planning to eat at 1900 Park Fare? Which menu items look the best to you? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Review: 1900 Park Fare Breakfast is Everything You Could Wish For

  • I recall Mary Poppins being a face character at 1900, and if I am not mistaken, Alice and the Mad Hatter would drop by as well. Any news on the chances of seeing these guys again?

    Also, there used to be a carousel horse, I believe as a statue in a prominent location in the room. I loved it, but don’t see pictures of it in your review … is it gone?

    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear 1900 is back!

    • Hi Leslie, Disney announced the change of character experience with the reopening, so this move appears permanent. And you are correct, the carousel horse is gone – it is still carousel themed, but expressed now mostly in art on the walls instead of carousel animals in the decor.

  • Using both “suss” and “sussing” (two words with different etymology and meaning) in the same post really stuck out as awkward.

    • Technically, sussing is not so much a lone word as part of the collocation “sussing out”. Thanks for reading.

  • I hope y’all get your wish granted because I have the same wish!


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