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Review: Be Our Guest Restaurant+ Video

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Be Our Guest is my favorite restaurant at Magic Kingdom park.

Could it have something to do with the fact that I grew up watching Beauty and the Beast over and over…and over? Probably.

Is this restaurant downright stunning and elegantly designed? Definitely.

Now, that’s just my opinion. Decide for yourself by watching today’s video.


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Angela Dahlgren

Angela is cohost of the TouringPlans Podcast and regular contributor to the TouringPlans YouTube channel. When she's not talking about the happiest place on earth, she spends her time entertaining her own little Minnie and Mickey Mouse. You can find her on twitter @AngelaDahlgren or via email - angela@touringplans.com

6 thoughts on “Review: Be Our Guest Restaurant+ Video

  • We had dinner reservations a couple of years ago and had an absolutely delightful time. Food was terrific, service was attentive and the atmosphere highly memorable. It felt like something special. On our trip earlier this year, we couldn’t snag a dinner reservation, so we went for lunch instead. Major mistake. Our food was good, but it was like eating in a giant, loud, school cafeteria. Most QS service restaurants in WDW are a bit like that, but this was awful. We would definitely go back for dinner, even as a signature restaurant. But never in its QS incarnations.

    • Philip,

      I would love to have dinner there someday. It sounds wonderful! I completely agree with you on the noise level. It was so loud that even the microphone I was wearing couldn’t pick up my voice properly. I’m sure that because of the large ballroom with its high ceilings, the acoustics only enhance the noise.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      – Angela

  • We were so disappointed when we went. I had hyped it up to my husband after reading reviews. We didn’t expect to have to collect our own cutlery, we expected cloth napkins – and when our food eventuallly arrived it was cold. Because its so hard to get a reservation there we were expecting it to be so much better. But i have to accept the actually rooms are lovely.

    • Ruth,

      Were you there for breakfast or lunch? Those meals are quick-service, so most QS restaurants have you grab your own cutlery and beverages. For dinner, they have it set out on the table already.

      It’s too bad your food was cold. I didn’t have a problem with that, so perhaps they fixed that issue.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the scenery. I agree, the rooms are stunning.

      Thanks for the comment!

      – Angela

  • How long did it take from the time you arrived until the food was delivered? Is it still a relatively quick process?

    • Lauren,

      It was super quick. I had an 8:05am reservation and received my food at 8:13am! I have time stamps on my footage, so that’s why I could give you a precise time. 🙂

      – Angela


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