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REVIEW – Beaches and Cream New Interior and a FANTASTIC Plant-Based Burger

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When the remodel of Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort was announced, many expressed concern about the new look. I wasn’t too sure of the new look myself, but that was only judging by the concept art. After visiting in person, I am impressed, and was also surprised at the quality of the plant-based burger, too.

On a recent trip with my in-law family from Illinois we dined at Beaches and Cream as a break from our day at EPCOT. I was not too keen on dining indoors. The temperature check at the restaurant helped a little and the distanced tables helped as well. I felt better being seated near the door, and I took my son outside a few times after ordering and waiting for our food.

Beaches and Cream Interior
Beaches and Cream Interior

The dining room is sparkling and much brighter than before. Admittedly, I had not been to Beaches and Cream in ages, but the new interior feels like a great improvement. It is hard to let go of some of the classic, cartoon-like décor, but I feel the new interior does a good job of being both modern and whimsical. Pastel and muted colors are balanced with crisp white and bright metals. A few of the original details, like the small beach balls on top of the booths’ backs, are still there. A jukebox in the corner near our table made my grandmother-in-law smile, though she was disappointed it was not an actual working jukebox.

Beaches and Cream Interior

The menu at Beaches and Cream is simple, full of American soda fountain classics. Burgers and milkshakes, and massive ice cream sundaes, are the staples, but don’t overlook the Reuben that my brother-in-law loved, or the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich. My son has a few food allergies, including beef, so when it came time to order I selected a Turkey Sandwich for him from the kids menu and the Plant-Based Burger for me. He is at the age that he loves to try what I’m eating, which is great, but it also means I need to order things that are safe for him to eat. I’ve become a part-time vegan as a result.

All the burgers and sandwiches at Beaches and Cream are $16.00 – $17.00, which is about $4-$5 more than a burger or sandwich at a quick-service location. Here you get to enjoy a table service experience. The Plant-based Burger is topped with plant-based mayonnaise and caramelized balsamic-onion jam on a house-baked multigrain bun. Fresh lettuce and tomato are included too, but the sandwich is served open so you can remove them easily if you wish.

The plant-based mayo and the balsamic-onion jam elevated this plant-based burger. I loved the sweetness of the onion jam, I could not get enough. The plant-based mayo was a little tangy and added a little bit of creaminess. I much prefer to use plant-based mayo rather than vegan cheese to add some creaminess to a plant-based burger. The multigrain bun was flavorful and fluffy, and solidified this burger as one of the best plant-based burgers I have had at Walt Disney World.

Plant-Based Burger at Beaches and Cream
Plant-Based Burger at Beaches and Cream

When you order a burger or sandwich you can choose fries or potato barrels (tots), or upgrade to onion rings. Any of the three are a good choice. Our table had a variety of the three and each was served fresh and the perfect balance of crisp and fluffy. No one in our group ordered a milkshake, as the food was filling enough. There is a window outside where you can order to-go shakes and even adult “hard” shakes too. It would be awesome if they could come up with one plant-based shake.

Hard Adult Floats and Shakes To Go at Beaches and Cream

With over 500,000 submitted surveys from our readers, Beaches and Cream gets a 92% thumbs up rating. and is ranked number 15 out of 104 table service dining options at Walt Disney World. Overall, I am glad we stopped in and I would return for the plant-based burger. And my son loved his Turkey Sandwich, too!

Have you dined at Beaches and Cream? What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Beaches and Cream New Interior and a FANTASTIC Plant-Based Burger

  • I can’t imagine going to eat a $17 burger, but Beaches and Cream will always hold a special memory for me when I remember the look on my then-9 year old daughter’s face when they sat that chocolate lovers kitchen sink in front of her and challenged her to eat it all. Hopefully the announcement the waitresses make when someone orders one will return after the pandemic ends.

  • I have been to Beaches and Cream more than a few times. As it has gotten more expensive, and more popular and difficult to get a table, we’ve cut back. My question about this article is this: did the capacity get larger? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. Easily the most frustrating aspect of this restaurant was the tiny capacity. When you combine that with high prices for less-than-stellar food, Hurricane Hanna’s became the less expensive backup choice. So, is it any bigger? If not, it’s not worth the price or the wait hassles. We absolutely love the Beach Club, but the food options seem to have gotten so pricey in the last several years. We found ourselves getting to-go from the Marketplace instead of paying $16 for a burger or grilled cheese. And is Cape May Cafe really more than $50 now for a non-character buffet?

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