REVIEW – Biergarten Boasts a Brilliant Value in the Current Climate of EPCOT

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These days EPCOT is kind of a mess. Not only is the center of the park under construction, but World Showcase is missing its cultural representatives and live entertainment at each pavilion. Still, there are ways to enjoy EPCOT during this weird transition period. One such a way is a meal at Biergarten. This classic EPCOT table service restaurant brings together the best biergarten traditions enjoyed throughout Germany itself. Ivonne on our team raised a glass and enjoyed a late lunch here this week. Let’s take a look at what makes dining at Biergarten such a great value, especially in the current climate of EPCOT.

Biergarten Dining Room
BEER – Prost! at Biergarten

To summarize up front, Biergarten is a great value because it offers all-you-care-to-eat food that is authentic and delicious, a unique atmosphere, and live entertainment. With the reduction in live entertainment throughout World Showcase it is an absolute treat to enjoy live music while enjoying a liter of cold German beer and endless savory food and sweets.

Currently the price of dining at Biergarten is $46.00 plus tax and gratuity for adults, and children ages 3-9 are $26.00 plus tax and gratuity. This includes three courses of dining, as much of any of the items on the menu as you wish. Plus there is a live German band performing all day long. They do take breaks, but you can be certain that no matter when you dine you will catch at least a portion of their performance. The show is about 25 minutes long and they perform once an hour.

Biergarten Live Entertainment

The live entertainment is more than just a band performing. The act has variety. One member of the band comes out on stage solo to perform traditional hand bells. At another point two band members come onto the stage to play traditional Alpine horns, otherwise known as alphorn or alpenhorn.

During Ivonne’s visit she remarked on the special atmosphere of the dining room. Like a few charming places in World Showcase, the inside of this large dining hall is made to look like you’re actually dining outside. An inky night sky is lit by a full moon as a German courtyard with large dining tables, warm glowing lamps, and village storefronts set a storybook, albeit a little stale, atmosphere.

Pretzel Rolls at Biergarten
Salads at Biergarten

Alright, let’s finally get to the food. In the before times, Biergarten was a buffet. Now everything is served family style. First, pretzel rolls and salads are brought out to start your meal. Try not to fill up on the starters here. Ivonne reports the salads, of which there is Potato Salad, Tomato Salad (Plant-based), and Macaroni Salad, offered some refreshment on a warm Florida day, but the good stuff comes in the main course.

The main course is a platter of traditional German favorites. There’s so much here you can easily fill up on one serving of the platter, but you’re welcome to as many extra helpings of any items you wish. This hefty main course consists of Bratwurst, Regensberger (wurst / sausage), Roast Chicken, Franks, Nudel Gratin, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut (Plant-based), Frikadellen (German style meatballs), Spätzle,  Green Beans (Plant-based), Roasted Potatoes (Plant-based), Hunter Sauce, and Red Cabbage (Plant-based). Of all the family style dining options at Walt Disney World, Biergarten has some of the most selections in one course.

Nudel Gratin, Pork Schnitzel, Frankenfurter, Green Beans at Biergarten
Saurkraut and Red Cabbage on Platter at Biergarten

Ivonne enjoyed everything in this main course, but the stand outs were the Nudel Gratin and Schnitzel. These are absolute classics in the world of German cuisine, and Biergarten executes them well. Nothing was dry like it had been sitting under a heat lamp too long. This new family style approach has a few benefits, including fresher food.

With the massive main course it’s hard to have room for dessert, but it’s important that you save room. The dessert platter includes: Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce, Cookies, Cheesecake with Berry Compote, and Black Forest Roll. The favorites here are the Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce and the Black Forest Roll. The Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce was near perfection with its tender and tart apples smothers in sugar and spice. The strudel pastry had the right balance of flakiness and tenderness. You’ll probably wish you had a dish full of the vanilla sauce.

Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce at Biergarten

We have ratings and rankings for every single Walt Disney World restaurant. And from over 500,00 surveys in the past few years, Biergarten has earned an 86% thumbs up, and is ranked #52 out of 105 table service restaurants. A few things that hold it back are the level of noise that can be encountered during peak meal periods, and the food itself. Ivonne dined around 3:00 p.m.; a late lunch is a great time to dine to avoid crowds. The food itself tastes great, but for some guests the sheer amount of meat and that other than the Roast Chicken and the green beans everything is heavy may be a drawback. Usually the service is great, especially now with the family-style presentation. As long as you’re looking for a heavy meal with a lively German atmosphere, a blend of authenticity and kitsch, you’ll want to raise a glass to this meal.

Have you ever dined at Biergarten? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments! 


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7 thoughts on “REVIEW – Biergarten Boasts a Brilliant Value in the Current Climate of EPCOT

  • April 12, 2021 at 11:49 am

    We use to eat there alot with the family, almost every time we went to EPCOT and without reservations. We simply got there when they opened for the lunch meal. We lived the variety of food and yes, we took our time eating so we could get our monies worth. If is a shame as several years back, they had a price for lunch and a price for dinner. That is how we were able to afford to take the family there for lunch every time, then we we went once and the bill was significantly higher. They made the price for lunch the same as the price for dinner. At that price, we could eat at the Garden Grill in the Land Pavilion and sit in the rotating restaurant and have a character dining experience for the same price. Granted the food selection was limited to what they brought you, but it was still all you care to eat and it was brought to you. Since it is during lunch time, if they brought the prices back down again for lunch, we would eat there again more often. It use to be affordable and it was good. It is still good, but comparable to other EPCOT restaurants for the amount they charge, I would rather eat elsewhere.

  • April 12, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    We ate there 2 weeks ago and had a great meal. It was also probably our most fun meal of the whole trip. We had great service and liked so many of the foods. We loved the change to family style as my dad is older and has a hard time getting around and our younger children didn’t need help at the buffet. We wouldn’t be sad if the buffet didn’t come back. The live entertainment is always a wonderful bonus.

  • April 12, 2021 at 6:50 pm

    We ate there the first week of February. It was our best meal there ever. I much prefer the family style to the buffet and loved that we had a table to ourselves instead of sharing with ten “new friends”. Our server was the best we had all week. We already have a reservation for May and will keep going back until they bring back the buffet and sharing tables.

  • April 12, 2021 at 7:47 pm

    Agree with the previous commenters…had lunch their a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Everything from the food to the band. One of the highlights of our trip.

  • April 12, 2021 at 9:24 pm

    I fell for the potato-leek soup back when the buffet existed. Is that soup still available?

    • April 12, 2021 at 9:30 pm

      Sadly it is not, at this time 🙁

  • April 22, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    We went a couple weeks ago and it was miserable. Reservations were running 45 minutes late and no one told people that until they complained about the wait. By the time we were seated, they were close to closing and the food service was rushed and mediocre. The beers arrived long after the food and I had lost interest in even having them at all. It was a waste of time and money, and a mistake I won’t make again. Overrated and overpriced lukewarm, bland food.


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