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REVIEW – Everest Base Camp Macaroon is a Mountainous Mound of Deliciousness

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This month there are lots of new treats and drinks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in honor of Earth Day and the park’s anniversary. So which ones are worth your vacation dollars? One such treat for your consideration is the Everest Base Camp Macaroon.

This massive mound of coconut and chocolate is in the shape of three mountain peaks in honor of Expedition Everest. Upon seeing the pictures from Ivonne it immediately reminded me of the Matterhorn macaroon that was offered at Disneyland Park a few years ago.

Everest Base Camp Macaroon – April 2021

This Everest Base Camp Macaroon is available at Thirsty River Snacks and Bar, near Expedition Everest. This little walk-up bar and snack stand ingeniously replaced the former FastPass distribution machines. For $5.99 you receive three mounds of coconut, chocolate, white chocolate frosting, and a dash of green tea chocolate crumbs on the base. You could easily split this among three adults, each getting their own peak. But, there is no shame if you don’t feel like sharing.

Everest Base Camp Macaroon – Pulled Apart

You certainly need to be a fan of chocolate and coconut to enjoy this macaroon. But those that are fans of these flavors are sure to hit peak happiness with the Everest Base Camp Macaroon.

Would you try this Everest Base Camp Macaroon? Which Animal Kingdom anniversary treat are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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