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REVIEW – There’s More to Yorkshire County Fish Shop Than Fish and Chips

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The weather just begged for a hearty lunch. With drizzling, damp weather and a blanket of dreary clouds, Yorkshire County Fish Shop seemed the perfect choice for lunch during my visit to EPCOT this week.

The menu is simple, generally the only food on available is Fish and Chips. But when you execute something so well, that’s all you need. Right now there is a special on its own sign at the window, Chicken and Mushroom Pie. And there is a small selection of beverages including Bass Ale and Harp Lager, as well as Twinings Tea.

The Fish and Chips are the staple, of course. The type of fish served changes from time to time. Once upon a time two pieces of fish were served. And at that time, when I ordered Fish and Chips inside Rose and Crown Pub, the price was higher at the pub and only one piece was served. I asked about this and was told the fish outside at Yorkshire County Fish Shop was tilapia (a much cheaper fish) and inside cod was served.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Fish and Chips, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, and Bass Ale

This week I decided to check the latest status. One piece of fish was served, on a bed of fluffy chips. I asked what type of fish it was and was told hake. Then I asked if the fish inside at the pub and dining room was different. Currently the fish is the same at all locations but the Cast Member emphasized repeatedly that this was the case “for now.”

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Order Window

The little sign advertising the Chicken and Mushroom Pie tempted me so I ordered it too. It is normally served with chips but I asked for it without and was charged about $6 instead of $10. With a paper tray full of food and a Bass Ale in hand, I expertly maneuvered the stroller and my order across the street to the wonderful tables and chairs that have been added in the pavilion. I managed to spill about 7% of the beer. There is a designated dining outside right next to the shop. It has shade and nice views of the water and the pavilion. But I wanted to enjoy the new tables near the promenade.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Queue
Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Outdoor Dining
Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Fish and Chips, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, and Bass Ale

With the chill in the air the freshly fried fish fit my desire for something hearty. The hake was a little thin compared to a meatier fish like Cod, but the Golden crust and salty seasoning made each bite delightful.

The chips were thick and fluffy, the perfect accompaniment. I did not grab any condiments and was perfectly satisfied with how the fish and the chips were seasoned. The Bass Ale paired perfectly with it.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Fish and Chips, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, and Bass Ale

The Chicken and Mushroom Pie should be come standard on the menu, at least during the brief Florida winter. It was savory in every sense of the word. Though skimpy on chicken, the mushroom filling was earthy, creamy, and thick. The pastry itself was tender and a little flaky and survived its time under the heat lamp.

Mobile ordering is not available here at Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Our readers give it a 93% thumbs up rating. And at a ranking of #18 out of 107 quick service options at Walt Disney World, it is near the top. During peak times there can be a line. But thanks to the menu’s simplicity this little shop can crank out the goods pretty quickly.

Have you ever dined at Yorkshire County Fish Shop? Do you have a must-stop for a snack at EPCOT?

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