Shopping at D23: Mickey’s of Glendale

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There’s plenty to see and do at the D23 Fan Convention, but for many fans, shopping is near the top of their list. There’s such a variety of high-end, collectible, and just plain unique merchandise available that it is easy to break the bank at them. Here’s some of what you can find at the Mickey’s of Glendale booth at D23, including Avengers Campus merchandise, the latest in the new Epcot look, Disco Mickey and Minnie shirts, and more.

Spot any must-haves that you’d want to buy? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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3 thoughts on “Shopping at D23: Mickey’s of Glendale

  • i want that epcot hat…

  • Man, I want that EPCOT hat, and the Monorail Tshirt, the epcot “motorial” tshirt, and possibly the adventureland button down…

    I just wish i could order them somehow.

  • You’d think they they’d have learned form the debacle of the Sorcerer Mickey wand on SSE debacle and not show them next to each other again.

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