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Skyliner Update: The Turnaround Point

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We’re getting ever closer to the opening of the Skyliner system at Walt Disney World. (Rumors are flying faster than the gondolas themselves that at least some of the line will open late next month.) If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World since this new transportation method has started to appear, it really does have a wow factor akin to seeing the Monorail for the first time. This weekend, my family went over to the Boardwalk for dinner, and we were directed to park right next to the turnaround point for the Skyliner line. That meant lots of ooohs and aaahs, and some great pictures for you all.



Are you excited about the Skyliner system coming online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • How will handcap people broad this system Also people with scooters how do you handle?????

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