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Soarin’ Around the World to Debut at Epcot and Disney California Adventure in June

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Soarin' Around the World

Guests will finally be able to see the world on Soarin’ at both Epcot and Disney California Adventure.

Beginning on June 17, Soarin’ Around the World will debut giving Guests a glimpse of the Great Wall of China, Sydney Harbor in Australia, and the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The ride will immerse Guests in a multi-sensory experience with sights, sounds, and smells.

The soundtrack of the attraction will see a bit of a change that fits with the new destinations, but will still be based on the current version. There will also be a surprise ending for Guests to experience.

Here is a preview of what Guests will be able to expect with the new film:


In addition, at the version in Epcot, the third theater will debut, as well as a newly reimagined interactive queue.

For those looking to make FastPass reservations, Walt Disney World Guests will be able to begin to book their FastPass+ reservations starting on April 21.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Soarin’ Around the World debuts.

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16 thoughts on “Soarin’ Around the World to Debut at Epcot and Disney California Adventure in June

  • Has anyone been able to reserve FP for Soarin’ yet???

    • I managed on the 21st – but only at about 10pm (UK time – 5pm Orlando time) after I’d been trying all day 🙂

  • What is the typical soft-opening situation with attractions? I’ll be there Memorial Day weekend and would love it if it were in soft-open by then! How can I find out once I’m there? What is my best course of action to get on there if it is soft-open?

  • Do you know when Fast pass reservations can be made – it says April 21st in the post – but I’ve just tried to make them and its not possible.

    • I tried too, and the website shows that it is not available yet.

  • So will the old California version be completely gone? Or will we have a choice between the 2?

    • The old California version will be gone and this new version will debut June 17.

  • Will original score composer Jerry Goldsmith reprise his role in creating the new soundtrack? The original Soarin Over California score is my favorite piece of Disney park music!

  • Nice! I hope they’ll have soft openings…We’ll be there the first week of June :(…If not, at least I know I’ll be back next year!!!

  • They are renaming it Soarin’ Around the World. I’m just wondering how this ride and Frozen Ever After will affect Fast Pass+ at Epcot.

  • What does China have to do with a theme park about California…?

  • I’m guessing the crowd calendar at Epcot will need some adjustments starting in mid-June? 🙂

  • Wow…this is such awesome news. We are going from June 24th to the 30th and are ready to adjust are initial fast pass plan we will input this weekend. And to think….just 2 short months ago, I thought we would not be riding Soarin’ or Thunder Mountain while we were down there and both will be open, plus hopefully Frozen and the new River of Light exhibit at AK. I really think Disney has somebody watching these blogs and tries to do the best they can to help appease some complaints. Please continue to bring on the good news!

  • So… no randomization of the ride ala Star Tours, then? Just the one film with no branching points?

    If so, still looking forward to it, but I think they missed an opportunity to boost the re-ride factor.

    • “…but I think they missed an opportunity to boost the re-ride factor.”

      Umm, based on the lines I *always* encountered at the old Soarin’ film at Epcot, I don’t think there is much need to “boost the re-ride factor” LOL.

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