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Springfield “Fast Food Boulevard” Now Open at Universal Studios Florida

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Last weekend the first half of the recently announced Springfield expansion in Universal Studios Florida opened to guests for the first time. Nicknamed Fast Food Boulevard, the view of Springfield from the outside plays host to the previously existing Kwik-E-Mart, along with newly added storefronts for Cletus’ Chicken Shack, Krusty Burger, Moe’s, and The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. As part of our in-depth coverage of this new area, we’ll be releasing a series of articles looking at the venues, the details and the delicious menu items that have been added the park’s growing list of dining options.

We’ll start by looking at the new area with an overview, with our follow-up articles honing in on Moe’s Tavern and on our initial Universal Food Finds experience.


Among the new facades along Fast Food Boulevard is Cletus’ Chicken Shack, home to a variety of interesting chicken products.


Moe’s Tavern has proven to be a faithful and immersive recreation of the notable hangout from The Simpsons–we’ll drill in more on that in our next post!


The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop is actually an empty facade covering the entrance to the area’s restrooms, which also received a themed overhaul to match the new Springfield surroundings.


Inside of the former International Food and Film Festival complex, the revamped quick service venue is set up in a food court style, similar to that found in Disney’s Art of Animation Resort’s Landscape of Flavors. Guests can order items from multiple stations and pay at a central checkout area in the middle of the restaurant.


Much like the video loop found in the queue for The Simpsons Ride, a special selection of clips from the show’s twenty four seasons highlight more of the Simpson family’s food-related antics.


The two largest seating areas feature themed character murals with plenty of hidden details like the essential Matt Groening signature buried at the bottom of the image.


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