Universal Studios Florida in Springfield: Home of the Simpsons


Burgers, chicken, pizza, seafood, sandwiches and salads.


Formerly the International Food and Film Festival, Fast Food Blvd transformed quite possibly the worst food court in any Orlando theme park into one of the most fun with a wide assortment of food you can’t get anywhere else in Universal. With different eateries pulled straight from The Simpsons television series, guests dine on cleverly named selections from Krusty Burger, The Frying Dutchman, Flaming Moe's, Cletus' Chicken Shack, Luigi's Pizza, and Lisa's Teahouse of Horror.

Besides the hilarious menus themselves (taste-tested by writers of the Simpsons television show), Fast Food Boulevard contains items you can’t get anywhere else in the park including a pulled pork sandwich, a chicken & waffle sandwich, along with tater tots and seasoned curly fries instead of the normal French fries served everywhere else. Our favorites are the gloriously mess Clogger Burger, the tender fired calamari, and the chicken & waffle sandwich (with extra maple mayo on the side). And thanks in large part to Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror, Fast Food Boulevard also has several options for the vegetarians and vegans in your party outside of the ubiquitous garden salad.

Note that this is a very popular spot for lunch, and a long line can develop. Guests queue inside and are released to the serving stations in small groups. Once you order and receive your food, pay at the cashier and an employee will find an empty table for you. The process can take a while on busy days, and the televisions broadcast a loop of classic Simpsons clips that is maddeningly brief.

An Ambler, Pennsylvania, couple sampled the offerings:

The doughnuts at Lard Lad were fresh, flavorful, and surprisingly delicious. (Mmm . . . doughnuts.) The Flaming Moe is an overpriced glass of orange soda with dry ice on the bottom-m-for $8, it should have some alcohol in it or be larger. The queuing for Krusty Burger was frustrating during the lunch rush-m-they let only a few guests up to the food-court area at a time-m-but once you go through the line and pay, an employee shows you to a table. Lunch for the four of us cost $88 with two beers and that one overpriced Flaming Moe. Duff beer was essentially a less-delicious Heineken. My husband’s Krusty Burger was pretty good; my chicken-and-waffle sandwich was excellent but had too much sauce on it.


Universal Dining Plan

Accepts the Universal Dining Plan.
Also has UDP snack/beverage items