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Stitch’s Great Escape to Go Seasonal at Magic Kingdom

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Stitch's Great Escape
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Seasonal…it’s a word you don’t hear very often lately at Disney, but according to the Orlando Sentinel Stitch’s Great Escape will be going seasonal beginning October 2.

The much maligned attraction found in Tomorrowland opened back in 2004 with Stitch toilet papering Cinderella Castle to announce his arrival. Starting October 2, it will be only be open as Magic Kingdom attendance demands.

The attraction is scheduled to open during the busy Thanksgiving holiday season, beginning on November 19, but will close again on November 27. It will then open again during the holidays from December 17 through January 2.

Part of the disdain for Stitch’s Great Escape is the fact that it replaced the beloved (yet terrifying) Alien Encounter. Another part of it is that even though Disney attempted to scale down the scariness of the attraction, due to the harnesses that come down over Guests to properly showcase the effects of the attraction, it still scares Guests. Part of it is due to the fact that the story is not great. And well, part of it is that chili dog burp smell.

It has been years since an attraction has gone seasonal at Walt Disney World. Some attractions come back from seasonal status, such as Carousel of Progress, and some have not, such as Timekeeper (which turned into Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor). Giving more credence to the fact that Stitch’s Great Escape may be on its way out is that it has been rumored that the attraction will be closing soon to make way for an attraction based on Wreck-It Ralph according to The Disney Dish Podcast and our friend Jim Hill.

Only time will tell on this one. Make sure to stay tuned, as you know I’ll have all the info for you if/when more news gets released.

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12 thoughts on “Stitch’s Great Escape to Go Seasonal at Magic Kingdom

  • Tomorrowland needs Tron.

  • I actually enjoyed SGE, except for the horribly uncomfortable harnesses/seats. I do see why lots of people dislike it though. I think poor Stitch could have had a much better ride to represent him.

  • Am I the only one who thinks “Wreck-It Ralph came out four years ago, and it’s just now being talked about for it’s own ride experience?”

  • I assume they’re making the attraction seasonal so they can see how many Stitch plushies the gift shop moves when the attraction is closed. If the gift shop still does a business, they’ll feel free to close the attraction permanently.

    If I ran the World, I’d close SGE and set up a Stitch meet & greet in the empty Innoventions space at Epcot, and stick the Stitch plushie store next to that.

  • I visited DisneyWorld in Aug/Sept. and went to the Magic Kingdom. I was excited about there being a stitch ride but was very confused once on the rise. All the strapping and getting locked in with multiple adjustments led to an uncomfortable, confusing, stagnant experience. What a disappointment. I’m not quite sure what that was all about. Do away with this ride. I thought we’d be whisked away but the room/chair floor …. did nothing. Everyone in there was disappointed

  • Stitch deserved a better attraction than this. Alien Encounter was also lousy imo, and going back in time, Mission to Mars was dull. I would be glad to see that attraction space gutted and reimagined entirely.

    Also, I don’t see how Wreck-It Ralph fits thematically with Tomorrowland. ??

  • What a relieve. I am going to the MK in mid Oct and I have First-Timer friends with me. They wanted to do ALL attractions. I was already preparing excuses why this one attraction should be the exception to the rule. Now, I don’t have to!!! Oh what joy!
    Just close SGE already, Disney. (Sorry, AbraCat! I love Stitch, too. But SGE really doesn’t do him justice…IMHO)

  • Aw, I love Stitch! (yes, I’m the one)

  • I don’t think anyone would care if this attraction just closed permanently, they could do a lot better with that space! It’s wasted w/ SGE.

  • Hurrah!!!!!! Let’s hope it stays closed forever and something a lot more enjoyable takes it place!!!

  • This is the one ride that everyone in my family dislikes. We did it once, since we did everything else we wanted to at the park already. I thought my family was going to kill me. From the harness to the smell, the smell is what really put everyone over the top. Really am surprised that the ride hasn’t been closed for good yet.

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